12 Dec 2011

uTube Celebrities

Hello hello!

When I'm bored (.....or feeling like puking after hours/days of working), I'll roam around the YouTube for "inspirations"..... Ha ha!

I've always loved these talented people;

iii) .....plus many others.... (like karmin, aj rafael, joseph vincent, stefpenny, austin jones, kina grannis, sophie madeline, jaymee dee, christina grimmie, julia sheer, etc.)

.....and now, I've found a new one to love as much :)

Freak Morice

Their 1st video that I've found :)

Just love their harmony :)



Aki said...

tukar sudah rupa ko ni.. eh,salah.. rupa blog ko.. ^_^.v..

Winnie Irene said...

yah! sy pun.... sy developed ni habit masa cuti ari tu.. berabis mencari cover2 yg best.. boyce avenue one of them la.! joseph vincent, sy rasa comel.. ko try savannah outen. dia pn best.. ada megan n nicole.. liz lg... try jg sam tsui.. hehehe

Utube said...

Hi Miki, just blog hopping :) you have a good taste of music artist. Hows Bristol in UK?

Have a niceday and advance merry christmas.

Miki Aya said...

aki, tukar sdh ka? hahaha.....

winn, ya bah.... sy dgr jg sam tsui, liz, and megan tu..... hehehe..... nti sy tgk savannah pla lg :)

utube! i bet, u were googling 'utube' when you've stumbled upon this post.....yeah? :) thanks :) Bristol is great....cold, windy, and hilly :) you have a great christmas too, okay :)

Armstrong said...

YouTube stars! The only one I know is Tyler Ward :P But thanks for sharing though. Now I have a list of stars ;D

Aemy Shamy said...

i love Boyce Avenue!! & there's another that's not in your list...Sam Tsui..hehehe ^^

Miki Aya said...

Arms: Sure :) no problem.... I was just bored at the time I wrote this post :)

Aemy: I know of him..... but, (I'm telling you a secret)..... i was kinda overwhelmed by singers like boyce avenue, and tyler ward.... that I don't really listen to sam tsui anymore :)

Tanak wagu(jack_L) said...

sya suka tu BOyce Avenue..cool!!haha

utube said...

Yes, these people are amazing. It's great that such sites as YouTube provide an opportunity to show your talent to the public. It's really cool music.