2 Dec 2011


Hi there :)

I'm sure that you've seen my ugly doodles in my previous posts, yeah?

Well, I've gotten myself a pretty good application for my phone called doodle buddy, and I'm pretty thrilled about it.

The problems are;
#1. My fingers are too fat
#2. My phone's screen is too small

So, I can only produce something like these:

They are ugly, I know. Still, I love my life (waddehel?).

Ha ha!

Stay in one piece until we meet on another day :)


Aki said...

the candle look like..... ahh,neverminde.. But still cute wat.. I really dunno how to make own doodle..

ANA said...

aww~ they r cute!

have a great day, u~! :)

Ashley Alexandra said...

Cool! I wanna hv a doodle app like that too :D

Miki Aya said...

Aki, I know what you are thinking....but, trust me... My intention was pure when I was drawing these stuffs.... *laughs*....even so, you are very good in photos' editing, and I envy you for that :)

Ana, thank you :).... you know what i mean: the compliment, and the wish :) I hope that you have a great day too. Take care :)

Ashley, yeah. The app is pretty cool :) Pretty addictive too.... I must admit :)

Aemy Shamy said...

i love the 1st one...so cute!!!! :D