24 Feb 2012

My Ibanez

Hey people!

Many of my friends (girls especially), have been playing guitar pretty well these days, and I'm envious of them. 

I've bought myself a keyboard last autumn at a car-boot sale, but to date, I can only play #1) fur elise, #2) mary has a little lamb, #3) birthday song. Say what???

Can you spot my 8 pounds keyboard? :p

I don't think that I've got that much talent, or determination in playing a keyboard, so, I was thinking of giving up. Then, my term-ly allowance came in, and I've bought myself a brand new guitar online, after giving it a long hard thought.

On the way back home last Wednesday, I was talking to my friend about the guitar that I've bought, and how glad would I be if it came today. So, when I opened the front door, I saw a big box at our living room. I knew instantly that it was mine! I jumped, and laughed hysterically, while hugging the big box, and my friend can only shake her head.

I've told you that it's big. :p Imagine me hugging this box.

It's such a beauty, and I love it already!

It came with a gig bag, and some other accessories, so it was a really good bargain.

I've got one formal report waiting to be handed in, that midnight, so I didn't have the time to waste to adore my guitar. However, once I've submitted the report at around 9 that night, I went straight for my guitar and started strumming randomly. I have no basic in playing a guitar at all, so buying an Ibanez was driven more by envy, and the fame that might come after becoming a guitar pro later. *grins*

I played before I went to bed on Wednesday, and played again before my class on Thursday. Well, you can't really call it playing, for all I do was learning the four basic chords for the song "Fall for you" by Secondhand Serenade.

I was a bit feverish that day, so I went to bed pretty early, and had planned on not waking up until morning. However, I was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of someone taking out my laundries from the washing machine. So. I got up and switched on the light. Upon seeing my guitar next to my bed, I went back to bed, and started strumming again, forgetting all about my laundries inside the laundry bag. :p

I'm starting to get the hang of it, and I've this funny thought that I might just have talent in learning how to play a guitar. Haha :p

I'll practice every day, and might just do a youtube cover, and be as famous as Kinna Granis in the future.

Dream on, baby!


22 Feb 2012

Giving up on Facebook

I'm a big facebook + youtube convert. As in, I'm a passionate facebooker and youtuber. Or, you might call myself as a facebook + youtube addict.

So, in this Lent season (22nd Feb - 5th Apr) , I'm giving up on Facebook. I wonder how will my life change without being inside the Facebook's community in this one month, give or take.



21 Feb 2012

I don't hate it

Someone was really making an effort this year, to be romantic, and I don't hate it. :p

I've received this, wrapped inside a white piece of paper, in a worn out pink envelope, together with a card written with Korean's, on my doormat, one morning when I've skipped the whole day's lectures, for I was just being me. That is; lazy.


20 Feb 2012

Formal report. Again.


Do you know the feeling when you've got deadlines to catch, and you suddenly regrets that you've never started on doing your work much earlier? I do, and I always felt that way. Even now! Whenever I have this kind of feeling, I'll vow silently that I'll start on doing something, be it studying, or working on my assignments as early as possible, to prevent my brain from exploding under high pressure.

On the verge of breaking down. However, sometimes I felt as if I work better under pressure. I can see the goal clearly in front of me, so I'll push myself harder, thus, working harder than normal..... maybe...?

I was desperate, so I went ahead and borrowed this much books, but in the end, I didn't use all of them. :(

My desk during that desperate period.

Anyway, even after making that "silent vow", I still repeat the same mistake every time, and I hate myself for doing it. Okay, maybe 'hate' came a bit too harsh there, so, let's rephrase it to 'dislike'.

I'll try to change! Oh, yeah!


18 Feb 2012

I love flowers :)


I'm guessing that most girls would have dreamt of getting a surprise bouquet of flower on Valentine's day, or on any day at all. Do you agree? Well, I am. I mean, I love flowers. Sometimes, I do think that the act of giving flowers is not practical at all. However, I am a hopeless romantic, so I am easily beaten by the beauty of the flowers, and the sweetness behind the giving of a flower itself. *shy*

Tell you what, I've received one on Valentine's, right towards the end of the day.

I was utterly surprised when I opened the door, to see a guy with a list on his hand, asking whether or not he had gotten the right house. When I saw my name on the list, my heart was beating fast in anticipation. It beats faster when I saw the same guy came back with a bouquet of flower in his hand!

There wasn't even a name on the card! Mysterious much?
Though, I have to admit that it was such a lovely surprise. *bliss*

p/s: how was your valentine's?

17 Feb 2012

Dare to believe (V)

Disclaimer: This post contains a high dosage of religious' stuffs. However, it by no means intended to offend anyone out of my religious' beliefs

The question is: What if Your Eternity Depends On It?


Peace :)

16 Feb 2012

Dare to believe (IV)

Disclaimer: This post contains a high dosage of religious' stuffs. However, it by no means intended to offend anyone out of my religious' beliefs.

The question is: What if Jesus Defeats Death?

Peace :)

15 Feb 2012

Dare to believe (III)

Disclaimer: This post contains a high dosage of religious' stuffs. However, it by no means intended to offend anyone out of my religious' beliefs.

The question is: What if Jesus' Death Matters.

Peace :)

Dare to believe (II)

Disclaimer: This post contains a high dosage of religious' matters. However, it by no means intended to offend anyone out of my religious' belief.

...We believe that man is essentially good.
It's only his behaviour that lets him down.
This is the fault of society.
Society is the fault of conditions.
Conditions are the fault of society...
Creed, by Steve Turner

However, the question today is;
What if, people aren't essentially good?
If you stop for a while, and ponder on the title, what would you have thought of it?

A video of Andrew giving the talk.

14 Feb 2012


Yellow jello!

I don't celebrate Valentine's day (a.k.a V-day), but, I've made this for all my loved ones;

You know who you are, yeah?

Cheers, love!

Dare to believe

Disclaimer: This post is pretty long, and contains a high dosage of religious stuffs, in particular, Christianity. However, it was not intended to stir any disturbances, nor to offend anyone out of my religious belief. Thank you for your understanding.

This week is the week that the Bristol University's Christian's Union (BUCU) would like to call, the 'dare to believe' week. A list of talks on a wide range of topic about Christianity will be held at the Chemistry's school on lunches' break. So, this can only mean a fresh understanding of the faith that I've been holding on to since I was young, plus, free lunch!

So, as you can see, the title of the talks were, if I may, slightly controversial. *cough* I'd like to draw you into attention here, that they were made as so, to call for attention, and not to deliberately offend another. Though, I personally think that the organizer should have given a deeper thought in choosing the titles. We'll leave that matter for the future, shall we?

I've been to the first talk today; What if, Jesus is a historical fact?
(by, Andrew)

Imagine, you were in a room, with a group of people, and the door was locked from the outside, so that there was no way for you to get out. You didn't know what happened before you went inside the room. Think of it as something like a scene in the movie 'Men in Black'. You were flashed with a light, and you've just simply forgotten anything else.

Humans are intelligent being. We are restless if we live not knowing about something that we've deemed important. So, for self-satisfaction, we've begun to produce guesses, intelligently, or randomly. We take into accounts the parameters that could be found around the room, and prove many things. Namely; how pain is measured with actions, and many others. However, we are still not sure of the life outside of the room.

Then, someone opened the door from the outside, and enter the room. He/she will be bringing news from the outer side. He has the knowledge that we don't know, and by going inside the room, he chose to share it with us. So, it is just given that his words will take president over the many guesses that we've made inside the room prior to his arrival.

You can see where this analogue is going to. It's as if taking the world that we know now as the room we were in, and the person who came into the room as Jesus who came into our world over 2000 years ago. He knew things that we don't know, and he came to share them to the whole world.

So, now the cynical may think; what if he's just a man who proclaimed he can do all those 'things' that he did in the past, but none of them were actually true?

My dears, the evidence are clear in the gospels written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The gospels are a set of reliable sources that have recorded first-hand, the life and death of Jesus Christ. They can be trusted, for the writings were detailed, to the extent that we can trace back the origin of the story. Not only that, but the gospels themselves have been circulating after a short period of time after the life and death of Jesus. If they were not true, they will never have been accepted into the society, and last to this age at all.

These may sound one-sided, coming from a Christian like me. Obviously, I'd want to dress my faith in flowers, and sunshine. However, as for now, that is not exactly true. I mean, I'm just stating the facts, and not trying to pull any strings, or make up anything, just to make sure that Christianity looks pretty.

These are some other cases at which showing that the gospels could not have been anything, but history itself. The writers would have not made up the stories, nor could they have done that.

#1. The death of Jesus.
"If he is the Messiah, the king of Israel, let him come down from the cross! Then, we will see and believe."
Indeed! If, the gospels were written in order to share to the whole world about how great is Jesus, the writer wouldn't have written about the crucifixion of Jesus. It's of a great humiliation to this particular faith itself to tell that the Messiah himself was crucified by the Romans. Due to this fact, the Christians were being ridiculed by the Romans, and the Jews. However, they can't help it, but to write about this death, since it really happened.

#2. The witness of Jesus' resurrection.
"The women went into the tomb, and on the right side, they saw a young man in a white robe sitting there. They were alarmed."
Did you know, that during that period of time, women were not counted as witnesses fit for court, a.k.a, the people in those days were hardcore sexists. If the gospels were written with the thought of making others believe in the greatness of Jesus, they wouldn't have made women as the witnesses. Unless, of course, if that's what really happened. The women were there, and saw Jesus.

#3. Names were named, and the events took place in public
"Once again, Jesus got into the boat, and crossed Lake Galilee. Then, as he stood on the shore, a large crowd gathered around him. The person in charge of the Jewish meeting place was also there. His name was Jairus, and when he saw Jesus, he went over to him."
The location where the event took place was described, and a person with power in that era was named in this writing. In addition to that, the event happened publicly, where there were many witnesses that can account for this day, should there be any doubt on the accuracy of the story.

Jesus, IS a historical FACT. Dare to believe, if you please.

Cheers, love!

13 Feb 2012

My room needs a shower


I've been thinking of sorting out my room since the start of the week, but I was just too lazy! I just don't think that anyone could compete with this-lazy-me. I woke up an hour before class every day during the weekdays, so I have just enough time to take a shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. I can't believe that I was living like that! Worst, I don't even make my bed!

Well, my bed will look a little worse than that.

As I get back from school every day, I'll simply pour the inside of my bag onto my desk, and toss the empty shell on the floor. In the afternoon, I'll head to the gym, wearing a bigger bag than my school bag. So, when I came home an hour or so later, it was just as expected that the bag will be treated as equal to my school bag. On the floor you go!

 Same goes with this case :p

As each day passed by, I have to witness first hand on how my washed and unwashed laundries increases on the armchair, and inside the laundry bag. I originally put the fresh laundries on the bed, with the thought of folding them nicely later on. However, the pure and innocent thought has remained a thought. When the time for bed came, I can only carry all of them to the armchair next to my bed.

I know you've done this before too!

The worsening of these problems is directly proportional to the level of my stress. It came to an extent, where I can't take it any longer. My room really needs a shower! So today, I've put my thoughts into actions! Though, I have to admit I'm still too lazy to fold my laundries.

The solution:
Hide all the laundries inside the fleece, where I couldn't see them!

Keep them under the bed!

Okay, I'm kidding. I did hid them like this for a while, until I gave up, and started to keep them properly.

Went inside the sheet to fix my duvets.

Duvet all covered, on the floor!

All good now! :)

Still not flawless, but, acceptable!

I've even vacuumed and sprayed my room with an air freshener, so, I can breathe easy now.

*Moral of the story: Keep your life in order.

Cheers, love!

9 Feb 2012

I think

Do you know that.....well, I'll let you know that.....though, you don't want to know that....
Okayyyyy, what am I mumbling now?

Right! So, I was saying that I usually think a lot when I'm in the shower.

Thinking deep, and hard. *ehem* :p

A friend of mine *whose-name-shall-not-be-divulged* told me that he think the hardest when he's inside the toilet, unloading all his craps.

Pretty peculiar, but, fair enough!

Now, how about you?


6 Feb 2012

violently protesting


Do you exercise regularly? Well, I do. I mean, I go to the gym regularly (almost every afternoon!) So, I was expecting myself to have a pretty 'respectable' level of stamina.

Gotta love them guns!

Just to clarify: I'm not sniffing my armpit, BUT, I'm kissing my gun! Ho ho! :p

However, I was proven wrong on that particular Saturday.

My friends and I went for a badminton game that day. I have 2 rackets, but there were 3 of us playing. Luckily, the guys from the next court were all so generous, that they've lent us one of their extra rackets. 

I'm not a pro, so I've only bought a pair of pretty basic rackets.

I'm really not a pro in badminton (not even close!), but when it comes to playing, I play quite hard. So, I will usually play with the guys.

My, very-strong-partner!

The game was great, and I've played reasonably well, despite the fact that I've never held my rackets since last year! We were getting ready to leave the court after being told to by a worker at the sports' centre, when a lady suddenly talked to us. Apparently, the courts will be used for a Lau Gar Kung Fu training, and she's inviting us to join for the day. Since we were so energetic, we were like, "Sure, why not?"

Ignorant faces. We didn't know what was coming!

The training was actually a fitness training, where everybody were pushed to their limits. We ran, and jumped, we did push ups, sit ups, planks, crunches, and many others! In an hour, we literally trained continuously, with only two short breaks in between to quench our thirst.


After the training,I've almost dropped dead......

....while they continued with sparring.

I went home, showered in a rush, went for lunch at a friend's house, came home, and just collapsed on my bed. I was dead tired! Literally!

I woke up in the middle of the night, and soaked inside the bath tub for a good one hour, since I can't really massage all the lactic acids all over my muscles. It just don't work that way.

Sleeping Relaxing inside the bath tub.

When I woke up in the morning after, I felt like 20 years of my life has been taken from me. Every inches of my muscles are violently protesting of my any movements! It's a riot!

I can't even bend properly to take out my stuffs from the drawer!

I have to use 2 steps to bend down, and get the stuffs from the drawer at the bottom! It's excruciating!

I've had this kind of experience a few times before too. Once was after the Mt.Kinabalu's expedition, and another one was after helping out my dad building a house. :p

I'm all patched up now, so, all is well.
Cheers, love.

On a side note; I can't even do my 'business' properly. You'll get it, when you get it.

Life as a chemist

Hi ho!

I was doing some synthesis' assignment on my bed, when I've touched the upper part of my right hand. It was rough! Well, I've long known that my hands were coarse, due to the hard labour I've been doing, my entire life. However, it's even worse now!


Why, you may ask.

Well, as usual, I had my lab on Thursday. It was an okay lab, compared to most others that I had before, since it was so straight forward. Maybe, it was too relax for an experiment, that I hadn't really paid attention to the chemicals that I've been handling. I've spilled some of the stuffs on my hand, and dismissed them as acetone.

Literally, again!

The demonstrator was teaching me on how to use the FTIR machine, when I've felt a dry-kind-of-sting on my right hand, that I've got to stop him halfway, and went to the sink to wash my hands.

Literally, again, and again!

When I got home that evening, I thought that everything will be just fine. Surprisingly, my hand had gotten red, itchy, and pretty swollen, after I've taken my shower that night. I wonder if it was an allergy reaction. Or worse, a chemical reaction! :p

Red and fat. @@

I've freaked out big time! I was thinking, what if my hand was chopped off?

....and again!

Well, it has been a few days now, and my hand is still in one piece. So, it's all good! Though, as I said earlier, it has become rougher. Grrrr....

Right! That's a right time to stop. See you again soon!

4 Feb 2012

Fluke burger

What's up? (duh, ceiling/sky obviously)

Right! Do you eat cheeseburger?

I do, and I just did! Ain't it massive?

Anyway, have you heard that the invention of cheeseburger, was actually by a mistake.

Lionel Sternberger who was a young chef at the Rite Spot diner, in Pasadena, California, is said to have burned a hamburger, and had the charred spot concealed with a slice of cheese. The burger turns out to be a hit, and has led to a week-long celebration.

I'll sometime think that cooking is like doing a chemistry experiment. It's all about the right amount of reactants, that will lead to reactions, and followed by the products. 

Let's do some experiment! Who knows, if we might 'accidentally' create another oh-so-tasty-food.

See you again soon! :)

1 Feb 2012

I want to be a cat......?

Hiya' people!

So.......as I said earlier. I want to be a cat. Not just any cat, though!


Its' name is Tommassino. Apparently, it's a stray Italian cat that was rescued by wealthy lady, named Maria Assunta. At the age of 94, Maria Assunta passed away, leaving a fortune of GBP10 million to this lucky cat. 

What can a cat do with that much money? I think, it (the money) will be very much well spent for good causes, if it was inherited to me. *wink*

On a side note; RIP, Maria Assunta. God save your good soul.

So, do you feel like changing into a cat now?