24 Nov 2013

Horror Movies... Phew!

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening) people!

I am not one to watch a horror movie (any horror movies) without closing my eyes in between the scenes using my hands, or a pillow, or a blanket. I was never known for my bravery (cause I have none - get it?). However, I'd like to get over this cowardice (if I could - haha).

I'm currently at my sister's, helping out with her newly established business (rice - come and buy some!). So, during the few weeks I've been here, I've been challenged (mentally) with horror movies at most nights by my nephew and nieces (Yes - I am an aunt who has nephews and nieces almost my age).

I've remembered the first movie we've watched while I was here.... It was "Sinister".

As my first horror movie in a long time, I've really tried to 'act' brave, but it wasn't a really pleasant experience. I end up dreaming about the movie at midnight (nightmare), though it was an alternate version of it, with me as a side actress who was killed in action (haha).

Then, a stream of horror movies followed suit after that:









You could probably guess my posture while watching most of these movies:

Our general positions in front of the TV (or laptop).

I don't know if I'm braver now, or if the last movie I've watched was just a really lousy horror movie. However, I found 'Insidious' to be more funny than scary (yay me!).

Maybe... it has something to do with us relating the culprits in each movies with each of us, and to our surroundings (funnily). There's 'Mr. Boogie' in the 'Sinister', 'Batsheba', 'Rory', and 'Annabelle' in 'The Conjuring', 'Jonah' in 'Haunting in Connecticut', 'Mr. Gordy' in 'Haunting in Connecticut 2', 'Emily Rose' in the 'Exorcism of Emily Rose', 'Abyzou' in the 'Possession', 'The Breaker', etc. in '13 Ghosts', 'Mama' in 'Mama', and unknown entities in 'Insidious'.

There were times when things happened at home that could scare us out of our wits, but when morning comes, things can always be explained to senses.

There was that night when the lamp above the stairs suddenly flickered in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes to see it flickered for a while, then immediately closed my lids as tight as possible. That way, I won't be seeing things that I might've just imagined. I'm safe as long as I'm under the cover (haha).

There was also that other night when the lamp inside the car I was driving suddenly flickered. Thank God, 2 of my nieces were inside with me, or I would've step hard on the accelerator and speed home (haha).

Anyway, I'm sure that most of you are way braver than me. Shame on me (haha). I'll catch up on you soon!

23 Nov 2013

It's not as easy...

I bid you "Hello!", fellow earthlings.

It has been so long... in fact, it has been too long since I've last posted anything on this humble little blog-site of mine. I've always thought that I'd be able to type/share as much posts as I wanted after I've dealt with all my study-related matters.

How wrong I was.

It's not as easy as I thought to actually click on the 'new post' button, and start typing away. It's as if I've lost my mojo, my groove, my inspiration - or whatever you'd normally call it - to blog. It's depressing to be in this situation, sometimes. I'd sit there, somewhere, watching something, anything... and my mind will wander about every little possibilities. If I had actually wrote down these 'stuffs' playing in my mind, I could probably stand a chance of publishing my own book(s).

Who knows?

So... how have you been?

Pardon me. Where's my manners? I should have asked this early on... but, there you have it. How are you? I'm being such an anti-social, aren't I? Blame it on the speed of the internet. Especially, at my humble little village. The internet is close to being nonexistent! How is that still possible? It's the.... 21st (?) century! Internet should be available everywhere - high on top of the mountain, deep inside the forest!

Anyway, it's midnight now and I'm in serious need of my beauty sleep. However, there's so much to blog about! I'll hold these thoughts, and hope to be more inspired to blog more tomorrow... or the day after tomorrow... or someday.

Hah! Who am I kidding?

Take care for now!