22 Sep 2011

I'm a sucker for dogs. No kidding.


That's his name. Why? Because he's the odd one out. The smallest, and the most fragile. Nothing much to talk about him yet. Just some photos of him.

20 Sep 2011

Retarded-erupted-volcano-styled chocolate cake

Hello loves :)

I was at my sis' place, when I made an attempt in making another chocolate cake. However, it turns out a disaster. Not a horrible one, but still considered as a disaster for the cake was utterly deformed.

The cake, doesn't look like a cake at all (i think). It looks more like a retarded-erupted-volcano. I felt like it was going to burst open any time soon. So, when it has finished cooking, I am most grateful to the fact that it was content as being retarded; an unfinished business.

One good thing about baking at my sis' is this; hand mixer. I enjoy the privilege of not needing to use hard labour in mixing the ingredients.

In my defence, I would like to put most of the blame onto this kitchen scale. I think that it was broken. How else did I get the measurement wrong?

This is what I've used to bake my cake. I am a total amateur; not knowing how to operate this simple machine, resulting in my cake overly burnt.

I say 'Thank God', when this melted chocolate came to my rescue. At least, I can cover the deformed cake into something more......


It looks to me now, more like a pile of mud, rather than the volcano.

Ha ha! Take care!

18 Sep 2011

I'm a sucker for dogs. Seriously.

Here is another dog.

A typical mongrel, I should say, but I love her dearly. I have made an attempt in calling her as 'Darling the second', but to no avail. She doesn't fancy the name. 'Sindurak' seems to fit her just nice. She's the dog that I have mentioned before (Darling's daughter). She had just delivered a number of cute babies before, so that's explained her flabby breasts. Ha ha.

I have to tell you that she's really obsessive, playful, and in a nutshell, exactly like Darling. Every time she saw me playing with another dog at home, she will come to me, and nuzzle her nose on my hands, legs, and even tries to kiss my face. I don't blame her though, since I am like an 'angel' among the dogs. Ha ha! I feed them lavishly at specific times every day. They were even given 'Spirulina' as their food supplement. 

The only thing that was upsetting them is their bath time. I will bring each dog separately into the bathroom, and play chase with them inside. The difference of this chase with a normal chase, is that, I'll be either bringing a water hose with me, or a bucket filled with water.

Most of the times, my mom will be saying; "Have you been showering together with the dogs?" since I am equally wet once I'm finished with the last dog. The puppies loved to be blow dried with my hair drier, but not the adult. They prefer to be dried the old-fashioned way; loads of towels.

Okay, so I'm pretty much done with her. Now, the question is. Have you been bored to death yet? Ha ha. Hold your horses, for there are more to come. :)

16 Sep 2011

I'm a sucker for dogs. Period.

His name is Papi. Yeah, the Latino Papi. I have him since like forever. Okay, not exactly forever, but yeah, it was a pretty long period. He is a generation older than Darling, but he lasted longer than her. Something that I still can't quite grasp. Not that I don't love him enough, but he's a traitor!

Ever since my elder brother moved to his newly built house at my village, Papi spent more times there, compared to my place. It's........ I don't know. It just broke my heart to have Papi choose my brother over me, after so much love I've poured onto him since he was just a baby. Ahhhh! I feel like I'm in a broken relationship with Papi. What am I thinking?

Anyway, he's back now! I mean, he still visits my brother's house once in a while, but he spent most of his time sleeping under my house, inside my dad's Suzuki. His favourite car!
For the record; Papi will jump into the car every time he saw that the door was opened. If I'm not sitting on the front seat, he will especially choose the seat next to the driver as his spot.

Enough with Papi for today.
Hold your breath, for I will bore you all to death with stories about my dogs for a little while more.