22 Oct 2012

Determined to jog.... aaaand, it's gone

Hello hello!

I went for a jog today. A VERY SHORT jog. hehe :p

Anyway, I've been thinking of jogging for quite sometimes now. However, taking into account the medium-sized hill I've got to hike  every time I have to go to school....

I thought, "maybe, not today."

So, today came, and I've realized that I've been very dormant in my room. A little toooooo passive, I may say?

I thought, "let's give jog a go." I was determined!

It started of plain....
I ran, and ran.
Then, I started to pant, and pant.
And the rain...
Keeps on pourin'.
So I said, "Oh, Man!"
I went back in.

See you soon! :p

16 Oct 2012

Crazy Golf

Hi there.... people and aliens

Do you fancy playing golf?

I was never interested before (well, I've never even tried). However, yesterday was a spur of the moment kind of actions. After a couple of hours at the @Bristol, Suzanne and I went to have a try at crazy golf in Cabot Circus. It was so much fun!


Being the amateur that I was, I lost over an infinite number of shots for 2 courses (38 holes). The monkeys even booed and farted on me. Boohoohoo :(

I wasn't sad..... the fun that we had cancels it out! Yay!

50% student's discounted dinner at Tampopo to close off the curtain for the night!

14 Oct 2012

Supermarket Chemistry

Hello..... fellow internet users!

I'm a final year Chemist now. Hooray! Erk... Okay. Maybe not that happy :)

Anyway, at most times, a final year chemist in Bristol uni will be given options on whether to choose a lab-based project, or a school-based project. I've chosen the latter one, and surprisingly got it (despite of my poor results).

Now that that's settled, my supervisor (the all-capable Tim) had asked us to create 3 experiments (not 1, but 3) based on the GCSE Chemistry designed for South African's students using basic materials and apparatus found in any South African's Tesco. So, in one way or another, we'll be published in a booklet (at least) for South African's students' practicals. Yay! (You may clap your hands here)

Tim had called this particular part of our dissertation as "Supermarket Chemistry". Splendid name! Don't you think so? 

During this past few weeks, I had a little go in brainstorming ideas for my experiments, and actually came up with a number of ideas:

1) Producing musical notes with different amount of water in glass jars
2) Determining a hard-boiled egg from a raw egg
3) Mixing oil with water

Sadly, I was told to think CHEMISTRY, instead of PHYSICS. I wonder.....

Now, I've thought of a few other experiments that can be done:

1) Making pH indicator using red cabbage
2) Pushing peppers toward the edge of the water surface using detergent
3) Making radioactive looking slime
4) Producing a tube of liquids' layers (colorful, of course)

At a glance, they sounds fun, easy, and cheap enough to do. However, I've got to put more brain into this work. It's only October! Plenty of time.... (as if!)

2 Oct 2012

Desperate measures, at desperate time

I'm inside the coach from London to Bristol, when my phone showed me a very sad state. The battery was low! So, I've tried to be an Einstein and charged my phone like this....

Put my laptop on sleep, and just connect the usb cable from my phone to the laptop. It worked!

....and that's how I was able to write a blog at this moment. Hehe :p