31 Jan 2012


Hey there!

I just love to eat prawn (or shrimp), especially if they are this big;

This giant shrimp, sized 28 cm, was found in the deep sea, north of New Zealand.

Just look at it! If only there are about 20 of them, I could easily make them into the most delicious butter prawn ever. No, I'm kidding. I don't know how to cook. Ha ha!

That's all!

29 Jan 2012

In case, you are wondering...

Hello people!

Oh, yeah! It's photos' time. I rarely post a decent photo of myself on my site, for I'm a bit too paranoid. However, let's make an exception for today, okay? So, please bear with me.

Here goes.....

From a few years back.....

My brother, and I.

My sister, and I.

Sakura festival ~ INTEC

Sunway Lagoon.

Church of Divine Mercy.

Juniors' welcoming gathering ~ CDM

Batu Tiga

McD ~ Time Square

Sushi ~ Sunway Pyramid.

New Year's eve ~ Bristol.

Spring ~ Bath.

Summer ~ Sorinsim, with my niece.

Winter ~ Bristol

Winter ~ Faro.

Winter ~ Lisbon

Winter ~ Madrid

Winter ~ Alicante

Winter ~ Cotham Parish Church.

....to the most recent one.

Winter ~ My room.

Please stay in one piece, until we meet again! :p

26 Jan 2012

Peace, yo.


I believe, that most (if not all) of you must have a friend (or friends) at some point in your life, yeah? 

The photo (above) was taken almost a year ago at Manor's back garden.

I was trying to find a more recent photo, and found this.

From Left: British, Dusun, Chinese (MY), Indian, Chinese (CHI), Malay.

My point is; It's okay to be colour blind in being friends.
Or, if you look at it from a different point, you can say that it's colourful, rather than colour blind.

Peace. Out. :)

20 Jan 2012

The look


I stood for an approximately 6 hours today, inside the lab. At 5pm, I barely managed to drag myself home.

To be honest, I don't think lab is all that bad. Well, the news spread faster in lab anyway, so you don't even have to bother clicking through BBC, or CNN.


However, I was just highly inspired to be unmotivated today. Why? Obviously because I just had my January exams. When? Oh, I don't know. Yesterday?

18/01/12 11.30
Yay! Exam is over!

18/01/12 18.30
Nay! Pre-lab! In-lab! LAB!

I did really bad in my pre-lab test (because, I played the guessing game), and I didn't even read anything for my in-lab. Ha ha! Who's the boss now?

Most of the time, when the demonstrator had to give us in-lab questions, I rarely manage to give good answers. The processor for my brain's hard disk was very outdated. So, it runs at a very slow rate. It's not my fault if my lab partners were able to answer the questions faster than me. Yeah? No?

So, when the demonstrator asked me about the mechanisms, and stuffs......
I was actually thinking......

Not being able to answer, is one thing. BUT! Being given *the look*, is another thing.
Do you know *that look*? The look that people gave you when they were thinking.....
"This kid doesn't know shit!"

THAT look right there.

Well, excuse me. I know shit. Okay?

Peace, out!

19 Jan 2012

I wish, I can forget.


So, I've finished my January exam today, and it was like hell.

I don't know how does it looks like, but this is pretty much hell to me. :)

So, after the whole torture has ended, I was wallowing in my misery, on my bed, inside my room (of course), staring at the ceiling. I was kind of like trying to look into the future of my career pathway.

Yeah, I was lying exactly like that. Not that I drew things wrongly.

After a few hours or so, suddenly.......

Gruuu gruuu gruuu gruuuu.....

I heard something, from somewhere. Yeah, as you can see, it was my stomach's way of telling me that it needs a refill.

I was a lazy bum, so instead of getting up to get some food, I tried to ignore the sound. I took out my phone, trying to immerse myself in 9gag instead, but my stomach was just too persistent!

So, you know what I did?

I closed my eyes, trying to forget that I'm hungry. I have even thought of many happy things, like, unicorns, marshmallows, or even rainbows!

If I can only forget, I will never have to worry about gaining extra pounds no more :)

However, obviously that is impossible for me! Plus, the scent of my friend's cooking from the kitchen was just too tempting. I gave up my bed, went to take my shower, and straight to dinner. Oh, yeah!

All is well.
Peace, out!

10 Jan 2012

The aftermath

Hi there!

Without telling, everyone surely must have done at least something regrettable in the past. I did, and a lot, at that.

I did something regrettable last night, last week, last month, last year, and many more, that they were totally uncountable. If I were to list them down, or even try to remember them all, I'd probably kill myself right now.

However, these were all in the past now. There is no possible way to change them , unless if someone can create a time-travelling machine. Even if I pray real hard, I can't undo the things I've done, and the same applies to all homo-sapiens in this world.  Oh, well. I can only smile, and pray for the aftermath of my actions.

Right! Don't sweat it, yeah?

9 Jan 2012

Beheaded Ghost

Hello, hello!

Have you ever seen a ghost? Or thought that you've seen a ghost?

Like this beheaded ghost!

I took this photo using my phone while we were heading back to the hostel at Faro, Portugal. It's a photo of my friend, Keri. When I first saw it, I was surprised, really. Wondering where did his head goes to. Then, after a while, I've realized that he was only bending to fix something on his hoody.

Sometimes, when we thought that we've seen ghost, most often than never, we were just imagining things, or were thinking too much. When we were in shock, especially when we were already feeling afraid of our surrounding, our eyes, and brain won't be able to register what we were seeing at that instant. Thus, we've created the belief that we've seen a paranormal being.

Anyway, I'm a scaredy cat. So, this is my way of reassuring myself. Through logic. I don't know about you, so tell me about it.

Peace, out!

8 Jan 2012

Colourful, and bright

Hi people!
What have you been up to? It's a little gloomy today, with all the harsh wind, and rain at Bristol. So, to cheer myself up, I'd like to think of happy thoughts. Like, marshmallow, unicorn, rainbow, or chocolates.

....or, socks!

If you are unhappy, don't get yourself too wound up with that feeling. Our lives can be as colourful, and bright as these socks, if we choose to. I believe that we have the right to choose.

Take care!