19 Jan 2012

I wish, I can forget.


So, I've finished my January exam today, and it was like hell.

I don't know how does it looks like, but this is pretty much hell to me. :)

So, after the whole torture has ended, I was wallowing in my misery, on my bed, inside my room (of course), staring at the ceiling. I was kind of like trying to look into the future of my career pathway.

Yeah, I was lying exactly like that. Not that I drew things wrongly.

After a few hours or so, suddenly.......

Gruuu gruuu gruuu gruuuu.....

I heard something, from somewhere. Yeah, as you can see, it was my stomach's way of telling me that it needs a refill.

I was a lazy bum, so instead of getting up to get some food, I tried to ignore the sound. I took out my phone, trying to immerse myself in 9gag instead, but my stomach was just too persistent!

So, you know what I did?

I closed my eyes, trying to forget that I'm hungry. I have even thought of many happy things, like, unicorns, marshmallows, or even rainbows!

If I can only forget, I will never have to worry about gaining extra pounds no more :)

However, obviously that is impossible for me! Plus, the scent of my friend's cooking from the kitchen was just too tempting. I gave up my bed, went to take my shower, and straight to dinner. Oh, yeah!

All is well.
Peace, out!


san said...

It really DOES look like the fiery depths of hell xD well drawn (y) in fact I like all your drawings! So cute! And sometimes I wonder how long do you take to draw one haha :P btw I was also too lazy to cook just now..I only had oats ><

Winnie Irene said...

ur drawing describing ur exam is wow! haha

Aemy Shamy said...

wow....is that a relief?? hehe. congrats on finishing ur exam ^^ hey, don't say no too food..don't let your tummy gruu gruu gruu..must eat! hehe..

Miki Aya said...

Yisan: haha! It does, doesn't it? The drawings didn't took much of my time. Just look at the quality of them! It's like i have a parkinson's.
Winn: haha! Mmg mcm tu bah exam sy aritu. @@
Aemy: it's kinda like a relief.... I think. Haha. I dont usually say no to food. In fact, i'm so in love with them. BUT, i was just too lazy. Haha

Armstrong said...

You trying to bury your hunger but you thought of marshmallows?

Aki said...

rainbow had black color?? ha ha ha..