9 Jan 2012

Beheaded Ghost

Hello, hello!

Have you ever seen a ghost? Or thought that you've seen a ghost?

Like this beheaded ghost!

I took this photo using my phone while we were heading back to the hostel at Faro, Portugal. It's a photo of my friend, Keri. When I first saw it, I was surprised, really. Wondering where did his head goes to. Then, after a while, I've realized that he was only bending to fix something on his hoody.

Sometimes, when we thought that we've seen ghost, most often than never, we were just imagining things, or were thinking too much. When we were in shock, especially when we were already feeling afraid of our surrounding, our eyes, and brain won't be able to register what we were seeing at that instant. Thus, we've created the belief that we've seen a paranormal being.

Anyway, I'm a scaredy cat. So, this is my way of reassuring myself. Through logic. I don't know about you, so tell me about it.

Peace, out!


GIBREL said...

we have quite d same opinion about this stuff. I mean, most of d time people are too afraid of their surrounding. that's why people often imagine the paranormal thing. haha :D but sure, I do believe that those paranormal being are real, they exist.

Ashley Alexandra said...

Wow, that IS scary, esp when the figure is all black. I've never seen a ghost; of course I don't want to, but I believe there are more than just human beings, plants and animals on this planet :)

Aemy Shamy said...

whoa!! the picture's scary! it doesn't look like he's bending! this is an optical illusion..haahaa