13 Mar 2012



I went to London last Friday for a musical at King's College London.


It was good, for a musical at students' level. Though, I thought that the lead casts have really good voices.

We were seated quite far from the stage since we've arrived at the theatre quite late.

I wasn't feeling really good inside the coach from Bristol to London. So, Yas suggested me to buy a motion-sickness medicine.

I've gotten myself this bad boy.

I went home alone on Saturday's night for I have a Badminton tournament to attend the next day. Knowing that I won't be feeling good during the journey, I took a couple of the pastilles. After quite some time, and still not feeling the effect of the medicine, I've became impatient, and took another pastille.

They look harmless enough.

I didn't expect the medicines to be causing such a high dosage of sleepiness when I ate them. I should have read the warning on the back of the box.

*The effect of a single dose will last for up to 24 hours. Do not exceed the stated dose!*

When I've reached Bristol's city centre, I can't hardly feel my own body. Walking feels like flying, and at times, like dragging myself on the cold pavement. I can't walk back home like this, so I instinctively walked to get a cab.

I've reached home, rushed for shower in my half-awake state, and went to bed straight away. I couldn't care less about my bags lying on the floor, or my clothes, or even my shoes!

The next day, I was really feeling hangover. Not because of alcohols, but because of the motion-sickness medicine! How pathetic is that? Gah!!!

Regardless, I've got second in women's single. So, all is well.

9 Mar 2012



Jenny wrote a number '4' on Harry's lab coat today, when Alastair suddenly added verbally 'inches'. I was squatting, looking at all the glasswares inside the drawers. Listening to Alastair's nonchalant 'joke', I looked up at him, puzzled at first, but laughed after a few seconds.

Get it?

Alastair looked at me, and joined in my laughter, while saying;
"She gets the joke! Oh my gosh! We've tainted her. You poor girl!"

I laughed more, when Alastair brought up the 'dirty lame joke' I made a week ago in lab, while insisting that they've tainted my 'pure and innocent' mind. They looked to me like elder siblings who were proud of their younger sister (because I'm the shortest) who are growing up now, when they keep on patting my shoulder, saying,
"Good job, babes!"

I'm really having fun in my labs these days, though I don't get to sit the whole day.

Peace, out!

8 Mar 2012

I've kissed a wall, and I like it. No, I'm kidding.


Now, I look like this:
I'm seriously serious.

I wish that I could brag about these scars, saying that they were my battle wounds. Or, saying that I was all bloody because of a fight with a jerk, or a serial killer or something of that such. However, the reason was more pathetic than anything I could think of.

The story goes like this:

We went to The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire during the weekend for cycling, and a picnic.

My attire? Big mistake!

I was a big beginner in cycling. I've just learnt cycling last summer. Or was it the summer before last summer? Well, the bottom point is, I don't really know how to cycle. Bicycle riding was not included in my childhood's package. I've only cycled a few times around my house, but have never cycled up, nor down any hills before.

Me, riding a bike....?

Last Saturday was my very first experience of cycling in the outer world. The real world. Most of you could have guessed by now, what've happened to me on that fateful day;
I fell! Not once, or twice, but thousand of times. Okay, that might be stretching the fact too much. However, it was true that I fell loads of times.


Halfway through the bike trail, it rained, and there was no shelter nearby. We had no choice, but to keep on cycling against the pouring rain, and harsh wind. Sometimes later, the rain subside, and I was riding downhill. There was a gate at the foot of the hill, and just in-front of the gate was a wooden wall. So, we just have to turn right, and continue with our cycling.

Here goes nothing....

I've mentioned earlier that I'm a beginner, didn't I? When I've reached the bottom of the hill, I panicked, and my flexes weren't fast enough to turn right, so,  I hit the brake instead. The bike halted abruptly, and all the inertia just caused my body to lunge forward, and I ended up kissing the wall with a loud 'bang'.

I've stayed in this position for quite some time, while my mind was trying to register the pain to my brain.

A friend of mine, who was riding in front of me dropped his bike immediately after having heard the loud bang, and ran to my rescue. Meanwhile, another friend of mine who was riding behind me was busy asking me questions on whether I was crying or laughing since she can't tell from the way I reacted to the crash.

Okay. It hurts a lot, but I didn't cry. Ha ha! My only concern was the scars on my face. I was told that I look like Charlie Chaplin then.

The scar on my upper lip, looks a bit like his strip of moustache.

I've 'face-walled', and now I'm Charlie Chaplin-ized. :)

Oh, yeah, baby!