13 Mar 2012



I went to London last Friday for a musical at King's College London.


It was good, for a musical at students' level. Though, I thought that the lead casts have really good voices.

We were seated quite far from the stage since we've arrived at the theatre quite late.

I wasn't feeling really good inside the coach from Bristol to London. So, Yas suggested me to buy a motion-sickness medicine.

I've gotten myself this bad boy.

I went home alone on Saturday's night for I have a Badminton tournament to attend the next day. Knowing that I won't be feeling good during the journey, I took a couple of the pastilles. After quite some time, and still not feeling the effect of the medicine, I've became impatient, and took another pastille.

They look harmless enough.

I didn't expect the medicines to be causing such a high dosage of sleepiness when I ate them. I should have read the warning on the back of the box.

*The effect of a single dose will last for up to 24 hours. Do not exceed the stated dose!*

When I've reached Bristol's city centre, I can't hardly feel my own body. Walking feels like flying, and at times, like dragging myself on the cold pavement. I can't walk back home like this, so I instinctively walked to get a cab.

I've reached home, rushed for shower in my half-awake state, and went to bed straight away. I couldn't care less about my bags lying on the floor, or my clothes, or even my shoes!

The next day, I was really feeling hangover. Not because of alcohols, but because of the motion-sickness medicine! How pathetic is that? Gah!!!

Regardless, I've got second in women's single. So, all is well.


Winnie Irene said...

yeay! wpn 'mabuk' ko tatap manang ba kawan! hoho.proud of u!

Aki said...

deng.. sa imagine cmana keadaan ko dragged diri oh.. he he he.. gila la.. ha ha ha.. eh, ko bagi sa no kontek kawan ko tu, mana tau sa balik bulan 5, buli trus buat tattoo sana.. :D.. he he he.. klau ko rajin, ko add la sa di FB, Rexs Leornard J Madan.. Kalau malas, ko email ja saya, rexs.yanne@gmail.com.. And sa tau ko malas.. ha ha ha..

Writing From Far said...

hey get well soon. I can imagine tu..luckily ko enda driving kan.

Aemy Shamy said...

i wanna go to london....hhuuhuu...
ugh i hate medicine that cause drowsiness..i rather not to eat it..hehe..

Armstrong said...

Congratulation on being on the top three ;D

Wow, that medicine sure have a strong effect ya.

The other day, my colleague took a medicine which the side effect is like yours but unlike you, he had a bad luck. He hit someone's car and had to pay a RM300 fine to the police, and another estimation of 1K to fix his car.

Recently, I had one accident myself. But because of the wet road which I didn't realise.

Okay off topic suda ni.

And high five, I have motion sickness too. And I'm guessing you must have 'ENJOYED' your first roller coaster. ;D

Happy Wednesday, Miki!

Zalia said...

Winn: fluke seja bah itu.... anti yg suda beranak pinak lg ni yg no. 1. haihhhh....

Aki: ko bleh imagine sja laaaa... sdh la pakai kasut 4 inci..... haih.....

Cherrie: Ya bah. driving time x mabuk pun sy blh distracted. ni kan lg klu time 'mabuk'.... haih....

Aemy: I'm sure you can, someday. Look out for promotions from MAS. They usually have it in summer. Around august, and september.

Arms: I've rode all those 'stuffs' in an amusement park, and I've no problem with them. I just can't stand riding a bus, or a train, or a plane for such long hours. Imagine me going back home to kk from here. 13 hours + 2.5 hours flight!! Luckily that both you and your friend are alright. :)