31 Oct 2011

Christened; Christcelda

Hello loves!

I was born in the year of the horse. So, by virtue of the Chinese Zodiac, I am supposed to be;strong, outgoing, extremely animated (whatever that is), attention seeker, humorous, intelligent, capable, honest, friendly, open-minded, self-centred, short-tempered, and the list goes on, and on.

Source: Chinese Zodiac/bluebison.net

I am fully aware that I am not supposed to believe in any of it, but sometimes I do (because of certain things).

If I were to analyze my own self, I know that I will usually overlooks many things that I might assume as petty stuffs. So, don't count on me. *Grins*
 However, here goes;

I came from an underprivileged family, consisting of 13 siblings and two pairs of parents (Yeah, you heard me right. I had two moms, and two dads, but there were only two of them left now),where frozen milo was a substitute for chocolate bars, watching T.V was a rare occurrence, phone was a device from the outer-space, computer was never really seen before, and farming was my "favourite" activity.
These had always became my motivations of why I was working so hard in my study. I wanted to be rich. *Ha Ha*

Source: History of Money/nrich.maths

I was afraid of my dad since I was very little up to a few years back, mostly due to his "habit" of beating us, siblings when he was angry and drunk. He was pagan then. However, he was hospitalized for a number of times since a few years back due to an incurable disease (multiple myeloma @ cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow). Seeing him so fragile now, I don't quite remember why was I so afraid of him back then.

My dad.

My mom has always been my rock for as long as I  can remember. I was always afraid that I might not have the chance to repay my debt to her, that I have always shared with her my "allowances". I've remembered when I was younger; my step siblings will always call me to their houses to take care of their kids, or help out preparing for festivals and stuffs. The allowances that they gave to me, will usually be divided between my mom and I. 

My mom was illiterate (at least now, she can speak in a very basic English to my nieces, with very limited vocabulary), and unemployed. So, she has no income except from the farm, and the rubber estate. Since she was married to my dad due to an arranged marriage, I don't think that they have ever loved each other. My dad had rarely (RARELY) gave my mom any allowances. As time goes by, I've developed a skill in twisting my stories a little bit so that my dad will give me extra allowances for me to secretly give my mom. *Ha Ha*. That was fun.

Source: Arranged Marriage/kenneyjacob.com

I have been going to the farm/estate/orchards/fields since I was small, so I've developed strong muscles on both my biceps, and legs. So, when I went for boarding school, I am actually capable of running for a long distance. I have to thank my dad for this. *Grins*. I've remembered that I couldn't even beat the girls at my primary school when I was younger, and yet, I could represent my school for sports and stuffs.

Source: Running Track/eriding.net

I wasn't really able in making friends during the first few months at my middle school since I rarely smiled. So, it was quite a surprise when I've actually befriend a number of girls by the end of that year, and we are still best friends now. On the second year of my middle school, I've gotten to know a teacher who teaches Japanese, and I've adored her. She's our inspiration. :)

Sensei :)

After I've finished my form 5, I've applied for a scholarship to be a doctor, but was rejected. That was such a big roadblock in my life as a student. I've remembered crying myself out inside a van, going home. In the end, I've spent an extra one year in matriculation, before doing my A-level. It was quite a waste of young age, I must say. However, I was christened Christcelda that year at Labuan. So, not a total waste! God had other plans for me.

Source: Labuan Matriculation College/panoramio.com

Right now, I'm a second year Chemist in the University of Bristol. I can't imagine it! My major is the subject that I thought was the toughest during my SPM. However, due to a certain special teacher at matriculation, I've learnt to love this subject, thus took a big leapt in my "future-career" choice. At the moment, I am studying to be a chemistry teacher, since I am bonded with the ministry of education. Regardless of that bond, I won't stop as it is.

I will further my study once I've stabilized my financial status, and I wanted to become a green chemist at one of the research centre at Sabah. The environment has been deteriorating badly these days, that I want to recover all of that for my future generations. I would like to hear people saying sometimes that I've made a difference.

I wanted to be rich, so that I can buy the land at the other side of the road, in front of my elder brother's house. I will build a big house there, so that I can open a nursery at my home. Since I have been talking forever in my previous posts about my love for dogs, I will keep a number of pet dogs around my house.

I wanted my mom to live a long life, so that I can keep on taking care of her, and bring her to all over the world so that she can brag about her travels to the neighbours. I wanted to get married, and have kids that I will love so much, and will teach them how to respect the elderly.

I am so selfish, that I wanted everybody to share my happiness. I have even thought of adopting the children in Africa, or anywhere in the third-world countries, so that they can at least learn that there is more to life than just suffering in poverty. Sometimes, I've thought of opening a special house for all the less fortunate out there. I know that these are just wishful thinking right now.
So, that's why I have no choice, but to be rich!

Oh my! I was so immersed in myself, that I've wrote toooooooooo much.

Anyway, please be happy, people!

My Friend; EdBon

Today is my friend's birthday.

I call him EdBon.

He's only slightly 'chubbier' than me, so he calls me JalMuk.

We've been friends for about six years now (I think). That's pretty long....however, can't beat the times I've spent with my girlfriends though (2002-still counting).

We don't text/call every day. We don't even contact each other for several months, but can still be friends. *Ha Ha*

He'll fight with his girlfriends, and ask for my opinions. Of course, since I'm usually a bad person, I'll ask him to break up, and find a new one. Well, it has never worked that way though. *Grins*

I've remembered telling him that I was like a paracetamol in his life. He'll only seek for me when he had problems.

Panadol KK.

True enough that this kind of friendship looks so much like it was never meant to be, since I've never made the effort to seek for him either. So much like the chocolate chips in a chipsmore (chocolate cookie). Now-you-see-me-now-you-don't kind of relationship. *Laughs*


He's probably working hard at the academy right now, that he had been going MIA for a month now.

Anyway, since he used to like reading my blog, I'll just wish him Happy Birthday here.

A birthday cake for you.
(It was from before, but I'm reusing the photo.) *Ha Ha*

I've never have a friend like him, who regardless of how harsh the way I talk, he will never keep it in his heart. (Maybe he did, but at least he had never shown me that.) @_@

These days, true friends are hard to find, so I'm treasuring mine right now. The same applies to all of you too, yeah?

Right, take care people!

p/s: EdBon is short for Edward Gulombon (Fat Edward) :)

29 Oct 2011

Out Of Breath

Hey there!

I thought that I am a girl with a pretty decent stamina, but my panting today had proved me wrong. *grins*

There'll be a Nottingham's games soon for Malaysian students all around the UK. So, UOB will be sending a number of teams for a number of various games. Netball is one of them.

I was going to get myself involved with something like badminton.....
I've even bought myself not one, but two badminton rackets. 

Truth to be told, I am happy enough to be able to just go there and walk around the university, selling our nasi lemak. It's going to be a hit, I know. *laughs*

However, to my dismay, UOB doesn't have enough players for netball. I, who have no experience or whatsoever in playing netball, was deemed worthy enough to play as one of the regulars in the upcoming games.
Last year's netball game: I'm a mere spectator.

Realizing that I don't even have a partner for practising my badminton skills, I told myself, why not give netball a go?

So, I went for the first practice today. I wasn't feeling very well though. Not just a lame excuse, but this is fairly common when the season is almost changing, and you've stayed in a lecture hall filled with infectious people sneezing, coughing, and blowing their pretty little nose every day.

What happened? We've played half a court against the Singaporean's team, 5 vs. 5. I was the centre. It was half an hour later, and I was already out of breath! Their centre was small, but very nimble. I've had a pretty rough time trying to catch her every move.

I've exchanged with a friend for a WD/WA post, and I'm not in a more appealing position. I've stumbled quite a number of times. Smacked the girls' hands, that I've felt pretty guilty. Plus, I've did my own little 'gymnastic stunts' a.k.a stumbling, rolling around at the court, smashing my face on the cold walls.

We didn't make any ball counts, so I can roughly assume that we have lost the game, but not so bitterly. It was a good fun, even more when Vanessa told me that for a total beginner, I'm pretty good. Now, I'm officially a centre (for; I'm short, but have a pair of pretty fast legs). *Ha Ha*
All thanks to Lunar, my running shoes :)

Well, I know I'm not. We can only know our own ability. I'll resume my jogs to gain back all the stamina I've lost, for the only exercise I have been doing since I've been back to Bristol is abdominal toning (bicycle crunches, russian crunches, side crunches, planks, sit up, etc.).
My cheap exercise mat. :)

Anyway, I am really hoping to build up my stamina soon.

That's for now. Take care, people!

28 Oct 2011

The Kindness Of A Stranger

Hello people!

I've felt like today was a very good day. Why?

I've became quite forgetful these days. Sometimes, I've even felt like my whole body was working in an autopilot mode, that I hardly used my brain. *laugh*

So, I went to the disabled toilet, and left my phone there unknowingly. (I am able, so I know that I shouldn't, but it was nearest to the lab, plus there was currently nobody fitting to the description to use the toilet)

I was doing the extraction of caffeine when suddenly a lab technician came to our work bench, asking;
"Zalia, have you lost something?"

I haven't been polishing my talent for drawing in a very long time, so you'll see some hint of 'Parkinsonism' in the drawings :)

I panicked for a while, while patting every corner of my pockets, trying to think what I might have lost. Not being able to remember a thing, I've rushed to my locker, while the man followed me quietly from behind.

As I turned the key, a thought suddenly struck me.
"My phone!"

He took out my phone from his pocket with a smile, saying;
"I did not found your phone. Someone else did."

I looked at him, while profusely saying thank you.

Then, he seems to came with a realization, that he explained;
"How did we know that this phone is yours?"

Obviously that's the case, since I've had a password on my phone.

"Well, we saw the text from your friend, so we've tracked him down, and he told us that this phone belongs to you."

That's my phone there.

I am so grateful for that person who honestly gave this up to the authority. You are one of the best kind of a person.

Another thanks goes to my friend, Shunya, who had sent me a text, saying that he won't make it to the lecture today for he was running late. *grin*

That's for now.
So, stay in one piece until we meet again next time!

Hi ho!


I've been away for such a long time, didn't I? I was away on a VERY long holiday, and we don't have an internet line back at home. I've told you that I live in a very rural area, yeah?

Yeah, that's literally my house.

Good news: I'm back to school now, so, say hello to some civilization! *laugh*
No, I'm kidding. My village is not THAT rural, but still......

Okay! Now that I'm settled down, do expect me to write every now and then.

See you again peeps!