31 Dec 2011

Chillaxin', Relaxin'

Ho Ho Ho!

You aren't living, if you don't chill once in a while.

Just chillin'.

Oh, hello! Didn't see you there.

Some wicked magic you have there!

Have to be creative sometime.

The photo says it all....

Momma, let me in!!!!

Peace, out! :)

On The 1st Day of Summer (In Malaysia)....

Hello strangers! :)

So you knew that I went back home last summer. I had a blast! It was one long holiday, that I've felt like I'm an unemployed old hag, but I actually did quite a lot of stuffs, that I rarely have the time to even touch my laptop!

The first thing I did when I've reached Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), was to hire a cab to get me straight to my friends' apartment at Shah Alam, Selangor. I've asked Teri to get me some food from the nearest restaurant since I was so starving, but it was so spicy, and I have to tell you that I can't handle spicy foods that well. :(

I was in their room, with my luggage in the middle of the room, wide opened, and my friends all around the bag. I took out the stuffs that I brought from Bristol, passing them one by one to my friends. The hands just keep on coming, until I've felt like my luggage has decreased in weight by a half! No, I'm kidding. Ha ha! It was fun, you know. I've felt like I was Santa, who came during the summer to all those kids who have been extra good during the year.

At my friends' place, I was very well fed, and I was very lazy. We woke up in the middle of the day, and sleep in the middle of the dawn....huh? We went out to Giant every day, like EVERY DAY.... and it was all fun. I really miss these bright people. If only that they are studying here in the UK, I will never stay at my house during the holiday. I will raid their houses instead! Ha ha!

Anyway, how was your summer?

30 Dec 2011

My Dad and I

Hi ho!

Who doesn't love their dad? I don't. Ha ha! Well I used to not loving my dad. Weird huh? I bet, you'll be the same if you have him as a dad. Ha ha! Well, worry not my loves. I like him now, and I kinda respect him too.

He finally wore that red t-shirt.

When I was younger, I never dared to speak to my dad. So, there was once I have to write down my full name on my books. Unfortunately, I have no idea on how to spell my dad name. I need to ask him that, but I was so scared, that I can't even talk in front of him, resulting in him getting angry at me......
I don't remember how did I manage to write down my full name after that, but I did.

Doesn't look all that scary no more, does he?

Since I went to boarding school, he never hit me any longer (as far as I can remember). So, I think, that was why I found him less intimidating, and I was able to speak to him more (at times). I've remembered this conversation I had with him;

Dad: Pa macam la keputusan ko baru-baru? (How was your result recently?)
Me: Ok juga tu. (It was ok.)
Dad: Bukan ko p hantar tai' ja ka tu sana? (You didn't just go there to shit, didn't you?)
Me: Manada. (No, I didn't.)
Dad: Mana tau, kalau-kalau ko ni budu. (Who knows if you are stupid.)
Me: Manada saya budu. (I'm not stupid.)
Dad: Kalau saya dulu, masa saya birak pun saya bawa buku o. (When I was younger, I even brought a book to the toilet.) Sebelum saya tidur pun, saya berabis lagi ingat balik semua yang saya sudah baca. (I will even try to remember everything I've read just before I go to bed.) Saya belajar sampai umur 13 tahun saja, tapi, dapat juga jadi cikgu. (I've only learnt in school until I was 13 years old, but I manage to become a teacher.). Bapa saya dulu bukan mo bagi saya duit untuk p sekolah. (My dad never gave me money to school.) Tapi, tidak tahu la apa mo jadi sama kamurang ni. (I don't know what will happen to you all.)
Me: Jangan risau bah pa. (Don't worry dad.) Nanti, lepas saya sudah kerja, saya balas juga budi ko. (I'll pay back all your deeds, once I've gotten a job.) Ko sabar ja. (Just be patient.)

I have to say that my dad always gave me that same story ever since I was small. He is one hell of a dad. Always hitting us. Always scolding us. However, I would have never be the same if he hadn't do that. Ha ha!

Thank you dad!

I used to 'swallow' coins too


Have you ever swallowed coins, or anything 'funny' before? I did! I've swallowed some coins, and other stuffs when I was younger. Thinking back about it, I just couldn't figure out why I did it. I've stopped though.

 A farmer from India, Kamleshwar Singh underwent a surgery after experiencing an excruciating stomach pain, but did not survive. It was later confirmed that a huge numbers of bolts, keys, coins and pellets were found on the base of his stomach, all the way through his intestines (weighed 6kg!).

Source: metro.co.uk

So.....If you've ever swallowed any odd objects before, and still are.... I reckon you better stop now. It is not safe.

Take care, and eat cupcakes instead :)

29 Dec 2011

My Momma and I

Ola amigos!

Who doesn't love their mom? I do, and wholeheartedly too! There are just so many things to laugh about when I'm around her, or when I'm on the phone with her.

My mom.... worried about my fat brother, drowning. Ha ha!

So, just before I went home last summer, I called her to talk about what she'd like me to buy for her....

Me: Nunu pokibolion nuh baino tih ma? (What are you asking me to buy this time, mom?)
Mom: Mokiboli oku doh tolipaun id milo pihid-pihidon doh soromin dau, om milo dah tonsok-tonsokon doh soromin dau. (I would like you to buy me a phone that you can swipe, and press on the screen itself).
Me: Hah? (Huh?)
Mom: Nunu kaka ngaran dau dih? Aipon? (What was the name again? Aipon (a.k.a Iphone)?)

Mom, I just love you! Ha ha!

A Lil' Sentimental....

Hi people!

There are just so many social web-pages these days, namely; Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Tumblr, etc. (the list goes on, and on.). We should be really connected through all these media, but.... sometimes, I've felt much more left out. Ha ha!

Honestly, I'm missing my friends a lot, like A LOT! I've been feeling a lot more distant with them these days.... People just don't share things/news/story with me any longer, so sometimes, I just don't know what to talk to others. Hm..... I wonder...

Flowers for you.

25 Dec 2011

I'm happy, You should too :)

Hiya people!

I just came back from a week vacation with friends, and I am still in the process of rejuvenating myself. However, as lethargic as I am, I can't help but feeling so happy about the fact that it's Christmas!

Some people celebrates Christmas religiously, but others are just celebrating it commercially. Regardless of which one you are, it's no doubt that it is a season to be jolly.

I want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas on this special occasion. If there was any instance where my posts, or words, or actions have hurt you, please note that none of those were my intentions. My brain just works a little bit slower than my body.

I won't be able to celebrate Christmas with my family again this year, but at least, I have friends who are kind enough to invite me over for a Christmas dinner. Thanks!

If you are alone this year, I'll pray for joy and solemnity in your heart, and I hope that the best will soon come to you. You are (actually) never alone. God is always there, next to you.

Take care, and I'll be writing more soon!


12 Dec 2011

uTube Celebrities

Hello hello!

When I'm bored (.....or feeling like puking after hours/days of working), I'll roam around the YouTube for "inspirations"..... Ha ha!

I've always loved these talented people;

iii) .....plus many others.... (like karmin, aj rafael, joseph vincent, stefpenny, austin jones, kina grannis, sophie madeline, jaymee dee, christina grimmie, julia sheer, etc.)

.....and now, I've found a new one to love as much :)

Freak Morice

Their 1st video that I've found :)

Just love their harmony :)


11 Dec 2011

A breather x)

Hiya people!

I woke up late today. Guilty :(

It's funny though. The first thing that hits my mind when I woke up was that; I have to go to the gym (no matter what). All the calories have to go! Muahaha....

I've been crazy busy since the first day of term, but I have been thinking (always) that, I need to cut myself some slack (once in a while). So, I went out skating today. It was a good fun.

Passed by the Christmas' market on our way to a diner.

Aren't they lovely? I would frame them (and not eat them).

On the way back, instead of walking up the dreadful Malborough Hill;

Don't be fooled by the photo. IT IS a long, steep hill.

.....we've made a detour through Bristol Royal Infirmary. My first time, to be exact.

These are photos taken from a walkway inside the hospital, called "The Bristol's Walkway".....or something like that. x)

Winter break is coming in a week, can't wait! I'll be writing more soon!

Take care people!

3 Dec 2011


Hello all :)

We've held a house-warming at our place a few weeks back on a weekend.

When I think about it back, I thought this to myself: why do we have to bother with arranging a house-warming when we can spend the whole day lazing around on our warm beds?

The answer is: we wanted to test our cooking skill.
The result is: we are exceptionally good cooks! (I'm joking. No, really. Am I?)

Look at how cute it is! It's for the cheesecake's flavouring.

Malaysian foods.

Foods! Glorious foods!

A couple of friends stayed until late that night. So, when one of them went back, he forgot to bring along his phone with him.

Wearing these, my friend and I ran through the night to return the phone to the rightful owner.

You can imagine right now, how odd people will find us running wild on the road :)

Anyway, please don't leave your phone around, ok?

Take care!

2 Dec 2011


Hi there :)

I'm sure that you've seen my ugly doodles in my previous posts, yeah?

Well, I've gotten myself a pretty good application for my phone called doodle buddy, and I'm pretty thrilled about it.

The problems are;
#1. My fingers are too fat
#2. My phone's screen is too small

So, I can only produce something like these:

They are ugly, I know. Still, I love my life (waddehel?).

Ha ha!

Stay in one piece until we meet on another day :)

1 Dec 2011

Yep, we did it.

Hello, hello :)

I went to a Nottingham's Malaysian Game last month as a netball player.

Seriously looking at the results so far.

As unprofessional as we were, we've managed to win 3 out of 5 games on that day. So, it was OK :)

That felt good :)

It's the first game, and we've played sloppily :(

We don't have enough players, so we've ended up importing two players from the University of West England (UWE), and the University of Nottingham. Thank God for them :)

My friend and I planned to sell nasi lemak at the game, so we've stayed up the night before the game, cooking.

Before the game, when they were still nice, and pretty.

After the game :). 
Yeah, you've guessed right; A: ayam, T: telur. :)

So, done with playing, and selling.... It's time for us to do:

the eating.....

My friend with her nasi kerabu :)

.....and watching :)

Okay, that's done now.
Do come and visit me again soon :)

Take care!

Not often

It's not often for me to write 2 posts in a day, but here goes;

It's 9 pm, and I'm starving!

So, here is my late dinner: weetabix + banana milk. This choice was not influenced by dieting, but due to the fact that I am just too lazy to cook, and it's late.

Christmas is soon, so I've selfishly bought these whole lot of Christmas' cards..... not realizing that I don't have 80 friends to give these cards to. Yes, I'm that pathetic. :(

I've realized that living in a world where technology (almost) comes first these days, people rarely send classic Christmas cards any more.

So, if you are interested in receiving any of these cards (they are not of the greatest quality though) as a courtesy of the festive season, why don't you mail me your names, and address to miki_aya@yahoo.com

Peace, out :)

Hi 5!

Hello loves!

Some people think told me that they look funny..... even creepy sometimes.....

I love them still: my socks (......and shoes......and gloves) with five fingers!

Can you tell which is which from the picture above? :)

They gave my fingers a sense of freedom (and made them look short and fat).

Shoes! Weird, I know. :)

Anyway, what do you think?