30 Dec 2011

I used to 'swallow' coins too


Have you ever swallowed coins, or anything 'funny' before? I did! I've swallowed some coins, and other stuffs when I was younger. Thinking back about it, I just couldn't figure out why I did it. I've stopped though.

 A farmer from India, Kamleshwar Singh underwent a surgery after experiencing an excruciating stomach pain, but did not survive. It was later confirmed that a huge numbers of bolts, keys, coins and pellets were found on the base of his stomach, all the way through his intestines (weighed 6kg!).

Source: metro.co.uk

So.....If you've ever swallowed any odd objects before, and still are.... I reckon you better stop now. It is not safe.

Take care, and eat cupcakes instead :)


ANA said...

pernah telan. once. duit 1 sen. i can't remember why i did it. maybe because time tu masih muda kebudak2an. HAHA. i wonder if the coin have found the way out? LOL~

Miki Aya said...

Ana, I'm quite worried about all the foreign stuffs I've eaten when I was younger. I surely am hoping that they were all gone by now. :)