1 Dec 2011

Not often

It's not often for me to write 2 posts in a day, but here goes;

It's 9 pm, and I'm starving!

So, here is my late dinner: weetabix + banana milk. This choice was not influenced by dieting, but due to the fact that I am just too lazy to cook, and it's late.

Christmas is soon, so I've selfishly bought these whole lot of Christmas' cards..... not realizing that I don't have 80 friends to give these cards to. Yes, I'm that pathetic. :(

I've realized that living in a world where technology (almost) comes first these days, people rarely send classic Christmas cards any more.

So, if you are interested in receiving any of these cards (they are not of the greatest quality though) as a courtesy of the festive season, why don't you mail me your names, and address to miki_aya@yahoo.com

Peace, out :)


Aemy Shamy said...

waaa lots of cards..send one to me! hehe. kidding. :p i don't celebrate christmas, but i like following through everyone's preparation. ^^

tiara.dryden said...

i always love the 'old school' way of sending REAL cards during celebration. Planning to send some this year too. More sentimental and meaningful i guess? ;) and yes, i am still feeling all excited and touched whenever i received any personal packages or mails. Hahaha

Miki Aya said...

Aemy, it'll be awesome if you want one :)... many of my friends here celebrate christmas not as something religious....but, more like commercially :) The festive feeling is on, like totally, right now in bristol :)... So, yeah. Do mail me if you change your mind :)

Rai....I know, right? I missed the old days.... when all of us send each other Christmas cards :) Why don't you give me your address, and I'll send you one. Planning to give one to all the other sumandaks too this year. :)