18 Nov 2011


Hiya people!

Have you read a book, or watch a movie, where good looking man was sometimes addressed as beautiful, and good looking lady was sometimes addressed as handsome?

Seriously? A moustache?

I've always wondered how would they actually look like, and why would they be called as beautiful/handsome?

I don't know.... big eyes+long eyelashes?

I was with David, walking towards our organic workshop, when we saw a group of people were standing just outside the room. I casually asked why were they standing outside, instead of going inside. The tallest guy, next to the door, turned to me, smiled, and said; "I don't know. I guess it's fun to be a follower sometimes. Doing whatever others were doing,"

The 'Beautiful Guy'.

I was stunned, taken aback by his features. I would definitely call him beautiful, and I'm serious. I don't want to look like a lunatic, or a psycho (they are equivalent to each other anyway), but I must say this: his skin is fair, and flawless, long eyelashes, sharp nose, medium length, curly hair, tall, and well built!

He could surpass most girls out there (including me, of course), and I can't take it. *giggles*
I mean, how can a real man, be more beautiful than a girl?

Whenever I saw him, I'll be like an examiner, staring at him, trying to find his not-so-beautiful-feature.


My friend and I call him the 'beautiful guy' since we were not so sure about his name. Well, another friend of mine knew him and told us his name.... Ludwig van Beethoven or something (no, I'm kidding). Regardless, we still call him the 'beautiful guy', since it adds up the fun.

Ludwig van Beethoven, lucare.com

I just need to ask this; have you ever known a beautiful guy, or a handsome girl before?

Right! Take care love!

17 Nov 2011

A bulldozer; I am.

Hello there!

Do you still remember about my joining the netball team?

Yes, it's pink! We've borrowed this from the Singaporean team.

A couple of weeks before the game at Nottingham, we had another practice match with the Singaporean team. I'm a total beginner, I've told you that much. However, to add to that, I am reckless, and...... buff....?

Muscle lady....?

The whistle was blown, the opposing centre stepped into the circle, eyes wide open, hands holding the ball.

We were playing half a court, and all the blobs were our heads (aerial view).

She threw the ball to my left, to the someone from the opposing team. My so-called-quick-reflexes jump-started my engine, and caused me to run to the left, trying to intercept the ball. What I didn't notice was, the WA running from the back to the same spot,since she was so small.

I was thinking that the scene should have been probably looked like this.

Then it happened; BAM! She was thrown to the back as if she was just hit by a bull. I turned to her, and saw her moving in slow-motion; a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-o-o-o-u-u-u-h-h-h-h.

The slow-mo-replayed....

She hold the right side of her face, and said; "OMG! I can still feel the impact of that collision,". She gave me 'the' look, and my face literally turned blue.
Never knew that I was that strong! I could kill someone with that! I can only offer her an infinite amount of apologies (...and a telepathic signal: never underestimate the power of a beginner).

I wonder if it has really worked....

I was practically traumatized by that experience, that I was afraid to run into a 'scene' in a game. It was affecting my already-bad-performance seriously.

Three days before the match, we've played another practice game among ourselves. This time, I hit our own WA on her knee! I can't believe this! How reckless can I be?

The night before the game, our WA posted in facebook, saying that she was still limping, and unable to play with us the next day! Right then, I was extremely worried that I could have jinxed the team, I can only pray for the best for our team.

Bulldozer really befits me, yeah?


Stay in one piece until we meet again!

I've been busy

Hiya people!

I've been busy. Like, really busy.

A picture of my cate;Tungik, sleeping lazily back at my home, to keep you entertained.

However, I'll try to make more time for this little page!

See you around, yeah?

2 Nov 2011

I can't.

Hi people!

I've watched one of the Final Destinations before, but I couldn't remember which one was it. 
However, there was a scene when a lady was killed in the shower. She was taking her shower, standing up, inside the bath tub, when she suddenly fell due to some 'evil force'. Her neck was caught onto the shower curtain's wire, and so she was choked to death.

This is how our shower looks like in High Kingsdown.

Can you guess what am I about to write now?

Sunday evening, I was trying to wash my hair, so I have to stand inside the bath tub (at position X).
When I was trying to reach my shampoo and conditioner at the far left of the toiletries, I felt it coming; the 'evil force'!
I fell inside the bath tub, left shoulder first!

I was lucky, I was not in Final Destination.

My neck wasn't caught on any wire, thankfully; but, boy, was it painful! I've wailed in my not-so-soprano-voice, but continued with the washing of my hair like nothing happened.

I went out of the shower afterwards, and peeked into my friend's room; the one right next to the shower. 

Me: I fell inside the bath tub.
Her: I heard! It was loud, and I thought that you've just dropped stuffs inside the tub.
Me: It was me. Not some stuffs. Ha ha.
Her: So, did you cry? Ha ha. Did you? Did you cry?
Me: Obviously not. Ha ha.

I left.

The day after; Monday. I was preparing myself for shower.
To my dismay, I can't bend my left hand to take off my clothes. Ha ha!


However, I can't possibly ask for help, can I?

I'll just have to bear with it for now.Though, I can't even take my shower in peace now.
Anyway, please don't fall down in the shower, okay?