29 Oct 2011

Out Of Breath

Hey there!

I thought that I am a girl with a pretty decent stamina, but my panting today had proved me wrong. *grins*

There'll be a Nottingham's games soon for Malaysian students all around the UK. So, UOB will be sending a number of teams for a number of various games. Netball is one of them.

I was going to get myself involved with something like badminton.....
I've even bought myself not one, but two badminton rackets. 

Truth to be told, I am happy enough to be able to just go there and walk around the university, selling our nasi lemak. It's going to be a hit, I know. *laughs*

However, to my dismay, UOB doesn't have enough players for netball. I, who have no experience or whatsoever in playing netball, was deemed worthy enough to play as one of the regulars in the upcoming games.
Last year's netball game: I'm a mere spectator.

Realizing that I don't even have a partner for practising my badminton skills, I told myself, why not give netball a go?

So, I went for the first practice today. I wasn't feeling very well though. Not just a lame excuse, but this is fairly common when the season is almost changing, and you've stayed in a lecture hall filled with infectious people sneezing, coughing, and blowing their pretty little nose every day.

What happened? We've played half a court against the Singaporean's team, 5 vs. 5. I was the centre. It was half an hour later, and I was already out of breath! Their centre was small, but very nimble. I've had a pretty rough time trying to catch her every move.

I've exchanged with a friend for a WD/WA post, and I'm not in a more appealing position. I've stumbled quite a number of times. Smacked the girls' hands, that I've felt pretty guilty. Plus, I've did my own little 'gymnastic stunts' a.k.a stumbling, rolling around at the court, smashing my face on the cold walls.

We didn't make any ball counts, so I can roughly assume that we have lost the game, but not so bitterly. It was a good fun, even more when Vanessa told me that for a total beginner, I'm pretty good. Now, I'm officially a centre (for; I'm short, but have a pair of pretty fast legs). *Ha Ha*
All thanks to Lunar, my running shoes :)

Well, I know I'm not. We can only know our own ability. I'll resume my jogs to gain back all the stamina I've lost, for the only exercise I have been doing since I've been back to Bristol is abdominal toning (bicycle crunches, russian crunches, side crunches, planks, sit up, etc.).
My cheap exercise mat. :)

Anyway, I am really hoping to build up my stamina soon.

That's for now. Take care, people!


sarah lysa reynolds said...

wah! haha. mn sda skill atlet mu my fren?? haha. neway. good try there.! i miss playing netball myself. last time i played when I was in my first yr here in ukm. and ya,mmg sy pn panting ni. low stamina. huhu.. nvm. all that matter is, I enjoyed playing them. hoho.!

Bellalong said...

aww~ netball is my fav sport! i was a GS for 5 years in a row during high school. HAHA. so i din do lots of running, just standing in the D, waiting for d ball to come. I was a lazy GS back then, but i score everytime shooting d ball! HAHA.

Being at d centre, require you to being fast in every moves u make. Short is an advantage too! Most players find it hard to catch d ball from the 'mini-centre-player'.

btw, have fun playing netball! :D and take care :)) u'll be a great centre :)

Miki Aya said...

Winn: hahaha. Tnggal dlm kenangan ja lg tu skil atlet. Berusaha ja la joging ni. Bleh ka sy jd pro netball in less than 2 weeks? Haha.

Along: wow! You must be really good! Tall people always have that advantage in shooting. I'll try my best in becoming a mini-super-fast-centre. Haha :) i've realized that the most intense war during yesterday's game was happening under the goal post. The 4 of them, looking up at the net, with hands up high. Hehe. There's like an invisible wall surrounding the D. :)

Aemy Shamy said...

oh i'm never an athlete. i rarely go jogging nowadays..imagine my panting if i do sports straight away. hehe. netball? oh i have to say no...i'm too short for that. haha. well, have fun! & good luck ;)

Miki Aya said...

Aemy: Just think of it; you've met Ifo at a jogging track! Well, I'm just saying. Maybe you should bring him out jogging again soon? Thanks yeah! :)

Anonymous said...

i hate being centre because it's tiring but it's fun as you get more spaces than the others. Hahahaha.

By the way, i thought jalan p rumah ko di bristol jal naik bukit? hua3.

Miki Aya said...

yeah. centre mmg bikin penat ni. sy pindah rumah sdh. klu dr town, still nek bukit. tp, klu dr school, flat ground ja :)