28 Jan 2011

Post-exam syndrome

Most people, me included will experience something that I would like to call as the post-exam syndrome. 

The symptoms:
1. Worrying about what your answers in your exam

2. Discussing about the right answers for the questions right after the exam

3. Keep on talking about the mistakes you did during your exam

4. Obsessing about comparing and knowing others' mark after getting the result
(Symptoms may vary with different people)

The effects:
1. Stress

2. Depression

3. Envy

(Effects may vary depending on the result of the exam)

However, I've learnt today from my lecturer that the exam is done, and it is gone. Get over it, and go on with your life. (For the record, I haven't received my exam's result). I was having that first three symptoms until early this morning, but it's gone now. Whatever happens, happens. I did my best, you did your best, and we did our best. Now, let us just hope and pray :)


Names :)

I went to a charity shop few weeks ago, and bought this one book called 'The virgin book of baby names,  by Emily Wood' for only 30 pence. That was a really good bargain. So, I wanted to share a few names with you;

Jewels and other precious things

Ceinlys (meaning 'jewels')
Christelle (associated with crystals)
Chrystal (based on crystals)
Esmeralda (based on emerald)
Gemma (meaning 'jewel')
Margaret (meaning 'pearl')
Myron (based on myrrh)

General nature

Aamor (meaning 'sunbeam')
Aaron (meaning 'high mountain')
Bryn (meaning 'hill')
Chantal (meaning 'stone')
Douglas (meaning 'black water')
Dunstan (meaning 'dark stone')
Dylan (meaning 'sea')
Eirwen (meaning 'white snow')
Gaia (meaning 'earth')
Glenda (possibly meaning 'valley')
Glynis (possibly meaning 'valley')
Guy (meaning 'wood')
Heulwen (meaning 'sunshine')
Iris (meaning 'rainbow')
Jordan (meaning 'flowing down')
Keith (meaning 'wood')
Llew (possibly meaning 'radiant light')
Lucia (meaning 'light')
Lucilla (meaning 'light')
Lucinda (meaning 'light')
Lucius (meaning 'light')
Lucy (meaning 'light')
Lynette (possibly meaning 'waterfall')
Marina (possibly meaning 'of the sea')
Morgan (possibly meaning 'bright sea')
Muriel (possibly meaning 'bright sea')
Neil (possibly meaning 'cloud')
Peter (meaning 'stone' or 'rock')
Rosemary (meaning 'sea dew')
Samson (meaning 'sun')
Selene (meaning 'moon' or 'bright light')
Silvester (meaning 'of the woods')
Silvia (possibly meaning 'wood')
Sita (meaning 'furrow')
Sorcha (meaning 'brightness' or 'light')
Tallulah (meaning 'running water')
Tara (meaning 'hill')
Theresa (possibly meaning 'to harvest')

Flowers, trees, and fruit

Aerona (meaning 'berries')
Alma (meaning 'apple' in Turkish)
Anthea (meaning 'flowery')
Avalon (probably meaning 'apple')
Blodwen (meaning 'white flower')
Cerise (probably based on 'cherry')
Chloe (meaning 'young green shoot')
Daphne (meaning 'laurel')
Delphine (associated with the delphinium)
Edna (meaning 'kernel' in Irish)
Enya (possibly meaning 'nut kernel')
Euan (possibly meaning 'yew tree')
Evadne (meaning 'fair flowering')
Evelyn (possibly meaning 'hazelnut')
Fabia (meaning 'bean')
Fabian (meaning 'bean')
Fabiola (meaning 'bean')
Fflur (meaning 'flower')
Fleur (meaning 'flower')
Flora (Roman goddess of flowers)
Florence  (meaning 'blossoming')
Gladys  (meaning 'delicate flower')
Hortense (possibly meaning 'garden')
Laura (from laurel)
Laurence (from laurel)
Lilian (from lily)
Lindford (meaning 'lime tree')
Nana (possibly after the ancient Irish goddess of flowers)
Oliver (possibly based on olive)
Olivia (possibly based on olive)
Perry (based on pear tree)
Phyllida (meaning 'leafy')
Phyllis (meaning 'leafy')
Posy (as in bunch of flowers)
Primrose (from the Latin meaning of 'first rose')
Prunella (based on plum)
Rhoda (probably based on rose)
Rosa (based on rose)
Rosalie (based on rose)
Rosalind (probably meaning 'lovely rose')
Rosamund (probably meaning 'rose of the world')
Susanna (meaning 'lily')
Tamara (meaning 'date tree')
Thalia (meaning 'to bloom')
Valma (meaning 'mayflower')
Viola (meaning 'violet' or 'pansy')
Yasmin (based on jasmine)
Yvette (meaning of 'yew')
Yvonne (meaning 'yew')
Zara (possibly meaning 'flower')

Cheers, love :)

27 Jan 2011


I miss you! Yeah, I know you missed me too, admit it. Ha ha! Anyway, cross that out. I bet all of you have heard of LOL, aren't you? It's an abbreviation for a 'laugh out loud', or whatever else others might call it as. So, I wanted to introduce a LIL to all of you. It's not Lil' Wayne or anything, but just something lame I came up with recently.

LIL: Lost In London

Yeah! It is as it is. I was 'quite lost' in London last Saturday. I am this confident girl when it comes to trusting myself in making a choice. However, sometimes my confidence aren't so reliable after all. Ha ha! Anyway, I needed to meet up with my brother on that particular Saturday at a hostel in London. My mistake was, I did not made sure that I remembered the way to that hostel. All I can remember was, to take a tube to Gloucester road. That's it!

A: Victoria Station, London
B: Gloucester Road, London

It was that simple, and I made it to B, but the problem happens after I have reached B. I don't have any idea of where to walk! I was pretty sure that I was doomed. I have tried calling my brother, but I just can't get through. What the heaven? So, I went around the station asking about the hostel. Clearly, the hostel is not famous at all since nobody have heard of it. Again, what the heaven

I went to ask this mr. Janitor in front of the station, but I just could not bring myself to believe his direction. He did not look convincing at all! Where is a smart-phone when I need one? (for the record, my phone is just a classic, normal phone) I needed Google map, right now! In the end, I called my friend back at my university hall to Google the hostel for me. Gosh, what a pathetic loser I am. 

I ended up walking for what I've felt like a thousand miles, alone, before reaching the 'famous' hostel. I made it anyway, so yay me! All my pieces are still attached, and I had a great, tiring weekend at London with my brother, and friends. I will make sure that I won't lost next time! Go, me! Ha ha!

P/s: Give me a ring when you are thinking of visiting next time, I'm pretty sure that I am now a full fledged tour guide. Ha ha!

Cheers, love. :)

22 Jan 2011

ma' papi

I have another favourite dog. Wait, it cannot be favourite if I have two, can it? Well, favouriteS it is then. His name is Puppy. My sister picked this name for him. My dad had even approved of this name. Usually, he will not go with names like this (for the record, he approved of Darling's name too).

I don't have Puppy's pup photos, so please be content with these:

Puppy and his sister

They were happily playing, ignoring longuk at their side. 

Puppy really loves to sleep on the stairs, especially after getting his injection.

I felt sorry for his chaining since he won't make any fuss about it.

He's definitely a 'great help'. He will join us to the paddy field everyday, but he'll keep on whining about wanting to be carried. He really did that, you know. This was especially true when he was frightened by something.

There was this day, when he keeps on jumping and leaning on my sister and myself alternately. At first, I really have no idea what was he up to by doing that. Then, I've realized that there was a dog nearby, staring at us. The nearer we got to the dog, puppy became more frantic, so in the end my sister hold him in her hand, and puppy seemed to calm down by that. Puppy is a real something.

He'll 'help' us by sleeping on the nurod. 
I was thinking that he just wanted us to get a break like he did.

Puppy is just like Darling, or I should say, Darling was just like Puppy, since Puppy is older. Puppy will always join us to the paddy field, orchard, estate, farm, anywhere, just name it. 

Here are the evidence;
He was sun-tanning at the estate.

Puppy being a little lazy.

Posing for the new dogs' magazine.

Treasure hunting at the farm....?

Oh, he's tired now, isn't he.

I bet he's really good looking if he is a human.

Ah, longuk was feeling left out back there.

From left: Topikung, lagahung, puppy.
It was a competition of 'who can catch this with your mouth'.

If I were to compare Puppy and Darling, I will say that Puppy is more civilised, and he has more manners. If I were to feed him something by hand, he'll make sure that his mouth and saliva didn't touch my fingers. If I were to ask him to sit, he will sit gracefully. If I were to ask him to lie on his stomach, he will do so in an elegant manner. 

He will follow me to the church when there was a need for us to clean up the church's area. So, during lunch break, Puppy will sit next to me crossed-legged. I am serious! Crossed-legged!


Believe what you see. Ha ha!

However, a dog is still a dog.

Anyway, I love all my dogs. I can't wait to meet them again soon! Someone told me that it is not good to form that really strong attachment to dogs since their lifetime is way lesser than a human's. However, I just can't help myself but loving these adorable creatures.

21 Jan 2011

Busy....stress....yay me!

I escaped a morning lecture today (guilty >,<). I was just too lazy to attend the lecture, but eager enough to spend my an-hour-supposedly-class doing my laundry. My siblings (a brother and a sister) are coming to town, so I am thinking that my room needs to look presentable by the time they came. 

The photos were printed for free from Snapfish.com.

While waiting for my laundry, I went to the porter's lodge, and found my tenancy agreement sent by my prospective landlord. The agreement is due by next Wednesday (really fast!), so I was kind of stressed out since there are so many things to be done in such a short time;

1) Entertaining my siblings and their friends around London on the weekend, and at Bristol, Bath, and Stonehenge on the weekdays.
2) Answering my pre-lab test, and safety test for a practical class on Monday.
3) Answering my contact and on-line Chemistry tutorials that are due on Monday.
4) Studying for my Mechanism of drug actions 1A that will be held on Wednesday.
5) Going through the tenancy agreement with the accommodation office at the Students' Union.
6) Preparing a cheque for the deposit of my prospective house next summer.
7) Posting back the filled agreement, and standing order form to my prospective landlord so that it will reach his hand by Wednesday.

I am just a human, and I needed a break. I used the fact that the accommodation office was closed today as an excuse to join my friends out shopping. For the record, I managed to stay cool by not tempted in buying any clothes on the sales' rack today (yay, me!).

We went to the city centre by foot, but became too lazy to climb up the hill to go back home, so we chose to ride a bus instead (it costs us 2 pounds!)

When I asked the bus driver, he told us that he will stop near to the students' union, so I told my friends to be confident with the bus driver. However, the driver betrayed us! He didn't stop at the students' union, he didn't even go anywhere near to the students' union, but towards Whiteladies, so halfway before reaching Whiteladies, we jumped off the bus. 

Look how far is my hall, and the place that the bus is heading. So much for the confidence and trust we put on the driver. Ha ha!

20 Jan 2011

Everybody can hear 'it'

Hi there! So, I had my second paper today; Chemistry. The exam starts at 2.15 pm., so we went there at about 1.45 pm.. I was pretty excited about finishing this paper because it will means that I have one last paper left next week. Yeah, I know. I am so lucky (considerably lucky) for having only 3 papers in this exam. 

Forget about that, here is the deal. I was pretty confident with my answers, until my stomach suddenly made an announcement at the hall;

I looked to the left, and turned to the right. I am pretty sure that nobody hears that, since everybody were so absorbed with their own problems. However, my stomach just won't give up in making itself get noticed;

I tried my very best to pretend as if nothing happened, and continued to answer my paper. However, I am pretty sure that somebody might have heard it, and will spread the news to the world soon after my exam has ended;

Okay, here is a trick question. Which one do you think I am?

The exam was supposed to end at 4.15 pm., but I ended mine by 3.30 pm.. I was TOO hungry, since I haven't ate anything since breakfast. I rushed home, in hope that nobody will remember my face or my stomach. Ha ha!

p/s: I've learnt that I need to eat before attending anything like this in order to save myself from dying because of embarrassment. 

15 Jan 2011

Prank or stalk?

I think blogger is trying to pull my leg. 

Look here;
NaNefined? What in the world is that?

Blogger must have known that I am a Christian.

The evidence;
They even knew about my first language!

I was wondering if blogger was stalking me. Ha ha! I know, I am joking. I just felt that all these word verification that blogger is providing were kind of funny sometime. Where did they get all these ideas from?

14 Jan 2011

Bad hair?

I used to have a long and curly hair.

I looked like this;

Then, I've decided that I was bored with this look and wanted to have a whole-new-me-look. So, I go with a short, straight hair. At the beginning, everything was good. Well, at least my hair is behaving as it should be. 

Introducing my new hair;

Unfortunately, my happiness did not last long. You knew about the fact that we should not wet our hair for few days after perming or straightening it, isn't it? Well, lucky me, I totally broke that ultimate rule. This happens mainly because of my dad (I don't want to blame him too much, but still I blame him). 

Never mind that, here is the result afterwards;

I've tried thousand times to ask my hair to behave; "Sit hair!Sit!Bad hair!Bad hair!", but to no avail. I've figured that if my dogs could understand that, why not my hair? It is on my head isn't it? However, this is just a random thought, I know. So, my sister decided that the best way to save me from the world's humiliation and torture is to cut my hair shorter. 


I looked exactly like chibi maruko chan, except for the fringe, of course. 

Chibi maruko chan;

I definitely feels that this is a disaster. In the end, I calmed down by believing that 'hair will grow'.

Now, have you ever had a hair disaster? Well, if you do, tell me.

P/s: Hair can really grow, so relax.

12 Jan 2011

Conversation with the stranger(s)

We are out of food stock! Was it because of our vigorous eating habit? Ha ha! Then, that only leave us with one option; shopping!

 Okay, so we walked to the train station, and waited for the train to come. We talked, well actually, I did most of the talking when suddenly a man who looks like an older version of Vin Diesel (how old is Vin Diesel anyway?) says "Are you two speaking in Japanese? Because all I can hear is ching chong ching chong." I shot him a bewildered look, "You've probably never heard of our language before, do you?", and simply explain that we are not, in fact, Japanese. The mystery is solved, or so I thought.

Then, his friend who came back from peeing (oh, I knew you pee) at the other side of the train stop (because it looks like a bus stop, with all the seats and the roof), started to shoot more questions at my friend and I. Gosh, they smelt of beer, or vodka, or wine, or whatever it was they were drinking before they came. I almost fainted, but I kept a steady, smiling face, and answer each of their questions with one word or two. You'll never know what a drunk will do to you, and there are two of them here.

There was this one conversation;

The conversation lasted for, I don't know how long, and when the train came, I truly thank God for it.

We nod at them, and hurriedly fly into the train, feeling as if we were just released from a prison of flirting, drunk, old men. Anyway, it does feel good to be praised sometime, even if they came from a drunk. 

P/s: I can't recall the whole conversation, so the above might have been edited slightly from the real version.

Right! I just wanted to hear from you guys, have you been praised by a stranger before?