23 Feb 2011

Reduce your size in less than 10 minutes, by Lauren White

You will need these:


1. Carefully, cut out the size labels from your thin friend's clothes.

2. Then, sew the labels onto your own clothes.

Voila! You are a 'tiny' now! :)

Cheers, Love

22 Feb 2011

Calorie content, by Lauren White

You can roughly guess the calorie content of a food by it's color........ :)

~Very Safe~

~Still Quite Safe~


~Danger Zone~


~No Problem!~

Cheers, love :)

20 Feb 2011

Calorie Combat, according to Lauren White

These will come in handy:
i) Willpower
ii) Strength of character
iii) To know how to cheat

Calorie Combat:

No 1
Use a fork......

....the calories will flow through the crannies of the fork :)
(We'll end up consuming lesser calories)

No 2
Barbecue your food.....

......and the calories burn away.......
(As you know it, we'll end up consuming lesser calories)

No 3
Break a cookie.......

....and half of the calories drop out!
(And of course, we'll end up consuming lesser calories as always)

No 4
Eat outdoors.....

.....and the calories will be blew away......poof!
(Lesser calories consumed!)

No 5
Microwave your food.....

.....and deactivate the calories!

No 6
Eat ice cream......

....freezing causes the calories to neutralize.....
(Zero calorie!)

Cheers, love :)

19 Feb 2011

Thud! Thud! Thud ! vs. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! I was awaken by these few loud bangs on my floor. So, I was like, what the hell is going on down there? I looked at the watch, it was freaking 7 am! 

I stayed on bed, thinking about the loud bangs, then I heard it, the culprit to all this confusion. Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! As expected, not long after that, the loud bangs follow from under. Right below my bed! 

Gosh! I can't take this any more. I understood that the lady from flat below was annoyed with the continuous and dedicated thuds. I knew, because I am too, but all the bangs have to stop. I am innocent here! 

I've made up my mind, so I jumped out of bed, with my hair pointing in every directions they could be, grab a fleece from my armchair, wrapped myself, and walked outside to flat below.

I've figured as much as the lady heard me opening my door, so it seems like she was waiting for me in front of her door. When she opened the door, I quickly told her that the thuds were definitely not my doing. I was asleep, and awoken by her bangs, and once she realizes that I am indeed, an innocent young maiden, words of apologies streamed from her mouth continuously. 

Satisfied, I walk back upstairs to proceed with my beauty sleep. However, it was already 8 am. Well, of course it is still pretty dark outside, but I am pretty much awake from all the thuds, and bangs, and the peace talk. So, here I am, in front of my laptop, telling the whole world about my disturbed sleep :). Bear with me, please.

P/s: If you are unsatisfied with something, tell it straight to the person in question. Don't show your dissatisfaction with childish acts of revenge. That is so not cool. But hey, look at the bright side! I am awake now ;)

Anyway, cheers, love :)

15 Feb 2011

Sadness, and sufferings; Where on earth is God?

To some people out there, there must be so many 'why' lurking in your mind right now, and we usually have no solid answers for all the questions. 

Why was a sinner left unpunished?
(Justice will be bestowed upon them in the near future.)

Why was an innocent person left suffering?
(Great thing will come upon them.)

Why do natural disasters have to occur?
(They are natural, and of course, inflicted by humans' activities.)



Why doesn't God stop all the troubles?
(Some trouble happened in order to encourage a person to repent, and some were just unexplainable by a mere human like us. We can't question nor answer why God acts as it is, but rest assure, that God knows what He is doing even if we don't always understand why.)

Then, these questions will usually be followed with another typical question;

Where is God, when.......(fill in the blank)....?
i. My son is dying
ii. I am in trouble
iii. I need him
iv. etc.
(He was always with us, and will always be through thick and thin of life.)

Well, of course these stream of questions will never leave us until we have complete trust in the power of God. We were so busy looking after ourselves, our own problems, that we have forgotten to look inside of us, where God is residing. 

Through our sufferings, God is there with us, sharing our loads for he had proclaimed that there is not one predicament given to us that will exceed our capability of handling it. It is just a matter of choice, whether you wanted to deal with it positively, or vice versa. 

Writing about 600BC, the prophet Habakkuk wrote in words we have from the Bible;

'Though the fig tree does not bud,
and there are no grapes on the vines,
though the olive crop fails,
and the fields produce no food,
though there are no sheep in the pen,
and no cattle in the stalls,
yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will be joyful in God my saviour.'

God bless you, all of us.

Cheers, love :)

Could it be, a new language?

I believe that most of you have encountered countless of word verifications before (correct me if I am wrong). I have always noticed the words used in it were somewhat odd. Well, of course, they might be just some random mix up of letters. However, I like to use my brain to think of them in a different light, the lamer ones :).

This looks like a Chem-Nest to me. A secluded place where all Chemists spend their time together. Something like a Love-Nest for lovers.

Forgotten an 'S' for a prefix? 

It looks more like the word 'gunsoding' to me, if I were to rearrange the letters, and add an extra 'g', and 'n' in it. Gunsoding is a Dusun's word for......arrogant?

Sing? The extra 'y' was added for an extra cuteness. Imagine yourself pronouncing 'sing' as 'sying'

Finally, the long awaited word. I could think nothing of this, but a new language. 

I was just bored, and have nothing better to do. So, please deal with my lame post this time :). Now, I just wanted to ask, what do you have in mind when you saw the word verifications?

Cheers, sweet.

10 Feb 2011

Lunch-talk today

I was at the lecture hall this morning when my friend point at something written on the board in front of us.

When I told her that I am going for the talk, she told me that she'll join me too (for the sake of the free lunch), but fine by me :).  Right, when we have reached the Physics building, our eyes were practically scanning the whole area for the foods. However, they were really smart. They made us sit for the whole talk first, before bringing out the lunch.

Anyway, I think that the talk was pretty much okay. The words that the speaker was using were pretty deep, that I can't really understand parts of them. To be frank, even though that I am a Christian, I had my doubts sometime. So, coming to the talk today was really an eye opener for me. He especially talk about "can you trust the bible", and I found that I am trusting the bible more now (not that I didn't trust it before).

My bible.

For those who have always doubted Christianity, and the bible, you should first accept the idea that the bible is a book of 1) history, and 2) imagination. Then, we should compare the bible with other books of antiquity. What am I trying to say is that, take the story of Alexander the great as an example. He was a man of history, and his story was written on manuscripts after an approximate of 400 years after his life, and many people, educated and uneducated alike have come to believe in his existence. So, why not believe in the existence of Jesus?

The bible provided in my room.

The bible itself, is a compilation of books written by great scholars during Jesus' time. It is an amazing book, containing beautiful poems, stories, letters, and the most important thing is the good news it has depicted. It is indeed true that the stories in the bible might sounds absurd to many who do not believe in God, but if you do believe in God, miracles like that are not up to questions, because in God, everything can happen.

Okay, it seems like I am preaching to you guys now. I apologize for that, it was not meant to be. I have only thought of sharing my ideas to you. Right, what is your faith in life?

Cheers, love :)

9 Feb 2011

Jog till you drop

I went out for a jog last Sunday morning. The weather was so nice, that I've decided to jog downhill. Okay, so I thought that I've become tougher after all the previous jogs, but apparently I am not.

Why, you may ask. I need to jog uphill in order to go back to Sinclair house, and I was not even halfway, that I felt like I've lost 10 years of my youth. I was panting heavily, and the only two things that allowed me to continue my jog are my guts, and my determination. 

Finally, I've reached the top of the hill, and saw another jogger coming towards my direction. I was distracted for only a split second, but that was my biggest mistake. I've accidentally kicked a loose stone on the pavement, and lost my bearing. Due to my extreme fatigue, I was unable to prevent myself from falling on the pavement like a pancake on a frying pan. Well, not exactly a pancake.

Pancake is NOT equal to me.

I stand on my feet quickly, in case someone might have seen me and secretly laughed at my back. So, I pretend as if nothing happen, and resume my jog. However, any normal person would be able to tell that I just fell by looking at the way I staggered, and the hole on my running pants. 

Despite that unlucky experience, I will not waver from my jog routine. You should do the same too.

Cheers, love :)