9 Feb 2011

Jog till you drop

I went out for a jog last Sunday morning. The weather was so nice, that I've decided to jog downhill. Okay, so I thought that I've become tougher after all the previous jogs, but apparently I am not.

Why, you may ask. I need to jog uphill in order to go back to Sinclair house, and I was not even halfway, that I felt like I've lost 10 years of my youth. I was panting heavily, and the only two things that allowed me to continue my jog are my guts, and my determination. 

Finally, I've reached the top of the hill, and saw another jogger coming towards my direction. I was distracted for only a split second, but that was my biggest mistake. I've accidentally kicked a loose stone on the pavement, and lost my bearing. Due to my extreme fatigue, I was unable to prevent myself from falling on the pavement like a pancake on a frying pan. Well, not exactly a pancake.

Pancake is NOT equal to me.

I stand on my feet quickly, in case someone might have seen me and secretly laughed at my back. So, I pretend as if nothing happen, and resume my jog. However, any normal person would be able to tell that I just fell by looking at the way I staggered, and the hole on my running pants. 

Despite that unlucky experience, I will not waver from my jog routine. You should do the same too.

Cheers, love :)


tiara andrea said...

i was worried u might fall backward! but thankfully u didn't. whew! anyway, i can't help from feeling funny imagining how u're trying to cover up ur 'track'. LOL

+p.h.o.b.i.e+ said...

kesiann..next time be more careful ya zal..lucky u teda ensem boi limpas..

simpodonvilla said...

sian2 naratu..hihi