17 Apr 2012

Revision. Distraction.


Final is coming in a month time, and I've been trying to study. A lot.
So, I've made this timetable as my so-called-guideline;

There are two pages of them! Different timetable for every week.

However, it's hard to follow a timetable, when I'm always distracted. I'll be hungry, sleepy, bored, and sometimes, I caught myself staring at the garden.

My workplace.

Can you spot my guitar on the right hand side? Well, I'll be tempted to strum it at times....

That white robe, with colorful polka dots, is my dressing gown. Which, I wear every day, and at almost every second. We've turned down the central heating, so it's pretty cold these days. I know that it's spring, but still.....

I've tried standing up for quite some time to reduce my sleepiness, but, to no avail. Maybe, I was born to be a sleepyhead? At times, I'll play this game with my friend;

Then, I'll have this dream about me becoming the next picaso prodigy. So, I'll waste quite some time in discovering my new found talent;

Oh well... Not too talented, I see.

Take care then! I'll talk to you all again later. :)

7 Apr 2012

Will you take her back?

Hey there!

I believe in dating with commitment, and not just for the sake of dating. So, when commitment is involved, I can't tolerate with people 'doing stuffs' behind their partner's back. Well, you know... that and such...

Anyway, I've asked a friend of mine (male) on his opinion regarding a 'storyline' I gave him...

" You are in a long distance relationship with a girl, but the girl shared a bedroom (if you know what I mean) with another guy occasionally (almost every day). Somehow, you've found out about that matter, and obviously you didn't like it. So, you've made her promise to stop doing it. She promised, but the 'room sharing' never actually stopped. She just managed to hide it further from you. Then, after a couple of years, you caught her again, red-handed. Will you forgive her then?"

My friend told me that he will take her back, since he love her so much. I've asked the same thing with a couple more friends (male), and their answers were pretty much the same.

I don't get it. What do you say?

4 Apr 2012

Dumb, Smart People

Hello there!

A friend of mine came and stayed with me for a week during the holiday, and she told me that science students are normally people with the lowest average value of common sense. So, I told her that I don't think it is so, since I believe that as a science student myself, I've got loads of that (I think).

She left after a week, and I was left alone, thinking about her words.... and it started to make sense now. How?

Well, here are some examples:

(Putting aside your laziness....)
1) If you saw that the kitchen counter (and/or the sink) was (were) filled with YOUR unwashed dishes, it's just common sense to wash them, isn't it?

2) If you saw that the dustbin was filled to the brim, it's just common sense to change the plastic bag, isn't it?

3) If you mess a common space, it's just common sense to clean up your own mess, isn't it?

4) If the toilet roll was used up to the brown part of it, it's just common sense to throw that brown thingy, and replace it with a new one, isn't it?

5) If the drainer was overloaded with plates, bowls, and stuffs, it's just common sense to keep them in the cupboard, isn't it?

6) ...and many others...

However, these are just not happening. I mean, how can you not think of doing all that, especially when post-its were posted every where visible, and reminders were given orally, and constantly? This can only mean that these smart people are just too dumb to have common sense. Well, being smart or dumb are actually not the point here. I just wanted to rant on things, and saying that these people do not have common sense doesn't sound harsh enough. Why not just call them, the "Dumb, Smart People".

Okay. Peace (Y).