31 Jul 2011

Tell you what.....

I've lost my precious Darling before......
I was devastated, and deeply heartbroken.
However, I'm not as sad as I've expected right now because Darling's baby girl is a 'photostated copy' of her, except for the fact that Darling's fur was brown, and the daughter is black and white.
To make things even better, she had just delivered 6 puppies on the 26th of June.
Too bad that two of them didn't make it out alive :(....
Well, I'll upload their photos when they have gotten cuter later. Until then, take care!

11 Jul 2011

On holiday :)

Hi ho!

I'm currently in the midst of summer break, back at my home town, and man, believe me when I say that I'm living in a very rural place. High on top of the mountain, right next to the forest, and to top every thing else, just in front of the graveyard. 

Yes, creepy :)

Anyway, I'll be away for a very very long time......so, please miss me A LOT! :) Ha ha! I'm kidding! No, really. I'll be away, training inside a cave. under the waterfall, to terminate all of the fats engulfing my body. 

Right! Stay healthy loves :)


A photo of my Darling for your viewing pleasure :)

1 Jul 2011

Lab skills

It was supposed to be the end of term, but ain't my department acting a little mean on us?

School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

Everybody else are partying, celebrating their freedom from the exams, spending great, final moments with friends, and the bottom point is; we are supposed to be having fun. Instead, we were glued to our labs, six hours a day, (almost) every day, for two weeks.

An artist's impression on the Chemistry teaching lab in UOB.

Adding to our misery, the boot camp was marked, and this mark will be carried towards the end of our course. Aren't you a little too hard on us, sir?

Well, at least, I've made new friends during this camp; Emma, George, Henry, and others (whom I talked, and discussed things with, but never took the effort to change pleasantries). So, though we have to spend six hours inside the lab, the thought of spending that long six hours with these people has given me a new strength to go on every day. :)

Now that the boot camp is done, and over with. There is no word that can fully express what am I feeling right now. Well, I still have to do six hours practicals during my second year, but, at least, it won't be a back-to-back lab sessions.

Now that I think about it....I've worked so hard on the practicals, but the demonstrators are a bit stingy on marks. They should have considered the effort that us students have put into the practical session every day.

....and how hard did I work for my (second, third, &..) fourth experiment? UBER-HARD! 

Anyway still, don't sweat the small stuffs, yeah?