1 Jul 2011

Lab skills

It was supposed to be the end of term, but ain't my department acting a little mean on us?

School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

Everybody else are partying, celebrating their freedom from the exams, spending great, final moments with friends, and the bottom point is; we are supposed to be having fun. Instead, we were glued to our labs, six hours a day, (almost) every day, for two weeks.

An artist's impression on the Chemistry teaching lab in UOB.

Adding to our misery, the boot camp was marked, and this mark will be carried towards the end of our course. Aren't you a little too hard on us, sir?

Well, at least, I've made new friends during this camp; Emma, George, Henry, and others (whom I talked, and discussed things with, but never took the effort to change pleasantries). So, though we have to spend six hours inside the lab, the thought of spending that long six hours with these people has given me a new strength to go on every day. :)

Now that the boot camp is done, and over with. There is no word that can fully express what am I feeling right now. Well, I still have to do six hours practicals during my second year, but, at least, it won't be a back-to-back lab sessions.

Now that I think about it....I've worked so hard on the practicals, but the demonstrators are a bit stingy on marks. They should have considered the effort that us students have put into the practical session every day.

....and how hard did I work for my (second, third, &..) fourth experiment? UBER-HARD! 

Anyway still, don't sweat the small stuffs, yeah?



tiara dryden said...

amat la karit zal. hmm.mybe dia pn bad mood sbb have to be in charge utk boot camp kmu 2. hahaha

Aemy Shamy said...

Huhu, poor you dear...working in the lab can be exciting, but tedious sometimes & tiring. It's okay though, it'd be worth it in the end. Cheers! ^^

Wency Elizabeth Jelson said...

sabar mandak.. ^^

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Six hours in the lab?
Kalau saya tu, memang saya pengsan sudah tu. Nda pun terbakar sudah. Sebab duduk terperap ja. Haha.

By the way, 'the report is not in readable format?' ? Diorang nda kasi tau dulu ka sebelum bagi markah? Jahat juga tu.

Aemy Shamy said...

Agree with Fadzmie...they're doin unfair...they should've told you guys earlier right?

Armstrong said...

Wow is that your school? Nice...

Aww 6 hours a day. I'm sure it would be worthwhile... and see, you've made friends.

Wow, you know... the only word I know on that pic is carrot. WAKAKAA.

Red Cherry and Avocado said...

Honestly I would call your Lab as the "Bata Lab" for having like batu bata's colour. Well,I never pass my chemistry exam so i skipped on the lab's comment.

Miki Aya said...

Rai; betul bah. bikin panas kan. x menghargai pengorbanan, dan hasil titik peluh kami btl o.

Aemy; I do hope that it'll be worth my while later. :)

Wency; Berabis sdh bersabar ni. hehe

Fadzmie; berpeluh2 lg sy. sdh la summer sdh kan time tu. panas ni. mcm sauna ja.

Fadzmie & Aemy; I know, right? They should have told us first, so that I can change the format or something, before marking our lab.

Arms; Well, the building is pretty new, so.... yeah, it does look nice. Hehe. Anyway, I'm hoping that you are right. It's true that I've made new friends, so that's one good thing about the lab skills boot camp.

Samantha, yeah? Hehe. They don't use much paint there, so the school does look like red bricks.