28 May 2011

The story of a 190 years old skeleton

This is based on a true story;

A 17-year old guy (let us call him A) has gotten his heart broken by his girlfriend (let us call her B)......
After the breakup, he was enraged when he saw his ex-girlfriend walking with a new guy, so he threw a pebble at her.

Due to the wound inflicted by A, B undergoes a minor surgery, and was pronounced dead 7 days later, caused by the growth of an abscess.
The doctor who did the surgery on her (let us call him Dr. C), testified at court, saying that A was at fault for B's death.

However, to be frank, I think that A should not be the only one to be found guilty.
Dr. C has his fair share of fault in this incident.
Regardless of my personal opinion, A was persecuted anyway.

After A's death, Dr. C took A's body,dissected it, and turned his skin into book cover.
This had made my earlier opinion on Dr. C seems more valid.
Who, in his right mind, will do something as cruel as that?

A 190 years later, which was few weeks ago, a skeleton with the noose still around his neck (picture above,above,above...), believed (and proven) to be A, was found inside a cupboard at the University of Bristol.
So, I wonder if Dr. C has kept A inside the cupboard, and had totally forgotten about it.

A....finally, R.I.P.

Moral of the story:
Do not throw a pebble at your ex-partner. You might end up being a skeleton in a cupboard (and only be found 200 years later).


25 May 2011

It's (I'm) not a ghost

Erk...Hello there (*awkward*)...

My head is killing me!

I just had my first paper today, and I've already felt like killing myself. Ha ha! So, in order for me to stay alive, I made my friend and I a quick dinner, took a shower, ate, read an on-line comic, applied a mud mask......and slept (for a while).

I don't normally sleep in the evening, but today, I was just really exhausted, mind you. After half an hour, or so, I woke up, and it was already pretty dark outside. I stood up, facing the mirror involuntarily.

Then, I saw something (or someone) in the mirror that made my heart jump a lil'...... I was lucky enough not to piss myself x).

 I needed like five minutes to realize that it was my own face! Ha ha ha..... Now, I felt so pathetic. Gosh!

I went out to wash my face, and bumped into a girl, that I couldn't identify at the hallway. Maybe because I was just too dizzy to realize, or maybe because I just didn't care.

Just before she went into the toilet, she turned to me and say, "You scared me back there."
I let out a weak laugh, and said "Sorry", while at the same time thinking, "Of course. I even scared myself."

Anyway, my head is still killing me now, so I'm going to take a couple more dose of *drugs*. Ha ha :)


Note: Don't scare yourself on the mirror x)

24 May 2011

I'm still alive x)


There was a big commotion in the US, regarding on "The Rapture" that was believed to come yesterday. However, today came, and I'm pretty sure that I am still alive and kicking. I wonder....... if I've missed the part when God says May 21 will be the end of the world. 

Before the world comes to an end, I am more concerned in my exams that will start tomorrow. If I fail, that's pretty much the end of the world for me. So, to prevent that from happening, I will need to squeeze the lemon out of my *petty* brain, and hope for the best in my papers. *fingers-crossed*

My imagination told me that this is how my brain looks like at the moment. It'll be any time now before it cracks into two....or more..... Ha ha!  Let us wish that I have a spare brain, when that time comes x).

Anyway, assuming that my sanity will remain intact a few weeks later, I'll be more than happy to post more crappy entries in this humble site of mine, and will resume with doubling the cherries on your entries.


22 May 2011

GiveAway Pe-Patung "akuhanyasatu" : echaRierie

Know what's fun? 
:Figure that out yourself Winning cute stuffed-dolls from a give-away!

Click on it (Definitely, NOT a virus).

All you have to do:

#1) Follow echaRierie on her blog

#2) "Like" echaRierie on her fan-page in Facebook

#3) Write an entry with the title "GiveAway Pe-Patung "akuhanyasatu" : echaRierie"

#4) Post the banner above on your entry, and link it to echaRierie's give-away entry

#5) Tag another three or more bloggers for the give-away

#6) Leave your entry's link, and username as comments on echaRierie's give-away entry

.....and, you are done!

So, a friend of mine: Aemy tagged me  :)

........and now I'm tagging you, so that you have a fair share of winning the prize. x)

Cuties who deserve to be the winner;

I have a couple of stuffed-teddies, and I would love to add new ones into my collection. So, I'm hoping to get a BIG teddy, if I am going to win anything at all :) Ha ha!

I saw this at Sunway Pyramid few years back, and I've fell in love since :)

However, I think that others (Aemy Shamy, Tiara Dryden, Wynda Fred, and the names above) will be more worthy in winning a give-away such as echaRierie's compared to me. 

Right! All the best, lovelies :)


p/s: Assuming that you've read my previous entry, this entry is not listed as one of my crappy entries. Thank you. *Anyway, don't sweat the small stuffs, yeah?*

18 May 2011

Not my typical day, but....Oh, well...

My everyday's life is a typical,boring one, which includes:
1) Fighting with my alarm clock (Whether or not to wake up on time, but ends up waking up anyway)

2) Fighting with the shower (Whether or not to take a shower since it was so cold, but ends up taking shower anyway)
3) Fighting with the wardrobe (Whether or not to wear something What to wear to school)
4) Fighting with the hill (Whether or not to walk uphill, but ends up walking anyway)
5) ....and of course, fighting with the lectures (Whether or not to skip attend the lectures, but ends up going anyway)

*Lots of fighting, and surrendering, yeah?*

However, that Monday was slightly different;

I woke up feeling happy after receiving an early text saying, "Are you still crazy about me today?". Made me giggle for a while.....until I've turned on my laptop. My internet line was suspended! It has something to do with a company accusing me of something or whatsoever. My precious 20 pounds flew out of my purse to the hand of the technician....oh, no!

Then, I've messed up my practical class that day by having to wash up the apparatus from the previous user, getting the measurement wrong, spilling my solutions, breaking a round-bottomed flask, and coming out from the lab last.

I was doing the experiment inside the fume hood, with Calder next to me when I heard, "I had sex with her once.", and followed by Calder's sly laughter. Facing him, I asked, "Why did you laugh?" then he said, "Didn't you heard that?", "Yeah....?", "Someone is not being too quiet about it.", then we left it at that with a silly grin pasted on my face.

This picture is according to an-almost-correct ratio.

Depressed, and tired after the practical class, I had to walk uphill to get back to my flat. Thank God that it wasn't a right-angled hill, or else, I think I'd die. Nevertheless, as soon as I've reached the main hall, I was delighted to have my long-waited parcels finally here! Yay, me!

What's inside of my parcels, that made me so happy?

Worn this to lecture yesterday :)

P/s: My pencil case has finally came to an end of its' service, and so I've bought a new one to replace it. I'm double happy now :)


17 May 2011

I just can't have enough

I'm too lazy to study. I know, I know. It's an incurable disease, yeah? Ha ha! Screw exams! Nah, I'm kidding. Okay, let me share few more photos with you :)

Moral of the story; Do not.....sit on the fence?

Water illusion.

If you look hard enough.....you'll realize something.



Who could be so nice to buy this *hybrid* car-cycle.

Cheers peeps!

15 May 2011

I'm telling you this, so don't you go around telling the others

Ho ho ho! It's Sunday again, and I'm feeling alive. Yay, me! I've spent the whole morning reading entries by amazing people all over the world, and this (*yeah, click it. NOT a virus.*) gave me an idea.

If I am/was the culprit, and I did the deed in public.....
I'll first turn to the person nearest to me, while covering my innocent lil' nose, and say, "Hey, did you smell that? Someone had just let out an awesome smell. With a capital letter A." while at the same time, fanning my face, and *secretly* my behind. Ha ha! *guilty*

Why? A culprit wouldn't usually admit that they did something wrong, yeah? The more you try to hide something, the suspicious you'll become. 
As the saying.......*by me*.....goes; Who noticed it first is less likely to be the culprit since the culprit will usually tries to hide the fact that the fart incident occurs.
Plus, another saying .......*not exactly by me*......goes; The safest place to hide is the enemy's den itself.

Or.....I'll try to beat Usain Bolt's 100 metres record, by dashing to the ladies and release all the gases that were violently shaking my tummy, asking to be freed from my clutch.

You be the judge :)


A camera

A camera; regardless of the quality, if it was to be in the hand of a great photographer, will produce a great photo.

Disclaimer: Please disregard the two-alien-cloud-puffs since I put them there just to add my *personal touch*.


14 May 2011

Not exactly a dream

I remembered seeing a friend of mine singing a solo so passionately at the karaoke lounge, that I was moved to tears. What? Fine. I didn't really cried, so I clapped, like, hard and a lot. Then, I've gotten irritated by my own persistent claps, that I woke up from my beauty sleep. 

Wait a minute, it was only a dream? Duh!

However, the clap was a real deal.  Okay, not exactly a clap,
......But more like a.......I don't know.....

...but more persistently, and of course more annoyingly.
In a way, it was pretty much like what happened to me almost every saturday morning, but without the "peace-talk".

Just look what had it done to me:
I woke up too early!

BTW, is 7.30am early for you? It is too me, since today is freaking Saturday.

Cheers to weekend!

13 May 2011

I call this talent

Hiya all! My brother showed me a video of this one young lady in YouTube (I'm sure you know what a YouTube is, yeah?) So, I've got to say that her voice is not bad at all.

Check her out;

If only she has the right producer or something. You know, someone who can help her to create a music video with great audio quality. Well, I'm talking about people like Tyler Ward, and Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Psst; I have this crazy idea sometime....  I wanted to produce music for my friends SarahLysaReynolds and TiaraDryden, and upload their videos in youtube so that everybody could see them. Well, I could be a backup singer or something. Ha ha! Dream on....me. Anyway, I'll see if I could realize this dream of mine during my summer break.

Till' we meet again, cheers!

12 May 2011


Hello hello! Here are some photos that I've found while my hand lazily clicked through the internet :)

Oh! Did you see that mobile phone?

Who made this shirt anyway?

I'm going to have a hat just like that.

He's having fun,yeah?

Saw that *thing*?

Modern witch. (I think)

Anyway, cheers!

10 May 2011

Baa baa colourful sheep x)

I was browsing through some videos just now, and I am amazed particularly at this one video about sheep herding. They were amazing! How did they pulled it off? I don't know! They must be genius, yeah? Even the dogs are amazing. Check it out.


9 May 2011

Here goes nothing...

I've figured that you might want another dose of *photos*, so here goes nothing......(drum roll)

Run for your life!

It's a long way to go my dear.

Nature's fridge. How I wish I have one.

Very pink indeed.

.....and he thought...."That sure looks tasty."

Be a man!

Adios, amigos!

8 May 2011

Escape from revision x)

I've been studying since like forever, and I bet, every body does too. I need a breather. Don't you?

These are the things that helped me to wind up once in a while. :)

THAT, is one bulky USB.

Spring's fashion?



Granma wanted to be in it too. *wink*


Anyway, cheers!