18 May 2011

Not my typical day, but....Oh, well...

My everyday's life is a typical,boring one, which includes:
1) Fighting with my alarm clock (Whether or not to wake up on time, but ends up waking up anyway)

2) Fighting with the shower (Whether or not to take a shower since it was so cold, but ends up taking shower anyway)
3) Fighting with the wardrobe (Whether or not to wear something What to wear to school)
4) Fighting with the hill (Whether or not to walk uphill, but ends up walking anyway)
5) ....and of course, fighting with the lectures (Whether or not to skip attend the lectures, but ends up going anyway)

*Lots of fighting, and surrendering, yeah?*

However, that Monday was slightly different;

I woke up feeling happy after receiving an early text saying, "Are you still crazy about me today?". Made me giggle for a while.....until I've turned on my laptop. My internet line was suspended! It has something to do with a company accusing me of something or whatsoever. My precious 20 pounds flew out of my purse to the hand of the technician....oh, no!

Then, I've messed up my practical class that day by having to wash up the apparatus from the previous user, getting the measurement wrong, spilling my solutions, breaking a round-bottomed flask, and coming out from the lab last.

I was doing the experiment inside the fume hood, with Calder next to me when I heard, "I had sex with her once.", and followed by Calder's sly laughter. Facing him, I asked, "Why did you laugh?" then he said, "Didn't you heard that?", "Yeah....?", "Someone is not being too quiet about it.", then we left it at that with a silly grin pasted on my face.

This picture is according to an-almost-correct ratio.

Depressed, and tired after the practical class, I had to walk uphill to get back to my flat. Thank God that it wasn't a right-angled hill, or else, I think I'd die. Nevertheless, as soon as I've reached the main hall, I was delighted to have my long-waited parcels finally here! Yay, me!

What's inside of my parcels, that made me so happy?

Worn this to lecture yesterday :)

P/s: My pencil case has finally came to an end of its' service, and so I've bought a new one to replace it. I'm double happy now :)



sarah lysa reynolds said...

byk jua dress o. dr mn??

Miki Aya said...

Dtg dr kedai winn :) haha :) serunuk!

Seaweed & Pumpkin said...

i like the first dress :) elegant

Miki Aya said...

Thanks! It's a two piece outfit, actually :) A laced-black top, and a puffed-flower-patterned skirt :)

Armstrong said...

That alarm clock is so cute... how do you fight with your alarm clock anyway, the classic one is to just hit it in the head LOL.

A company accused you of what? Watching inappropriate sites? :P Ooo is that your bf who texted you? What cool message haaha.

Calder is one big tall guys huh? And you wore those to lectures? Amazing... I bet you get lotsa fans wakakaa...

Bye bye pencil case, RIP.

Miki Aya said...

I know, right? To tell you the truth, I haven't figured out my alarm clock yet. Ha ha!

The company was accusing me of sharing a copyrighted material. Yep, the text was from my boyfriend :)

Calder is really tall. When we have titration experiments his height is a bonus!

I wore like that since it's spring now. I wish! To most people here, I am just another short-legged asian girl :) Ha ha!

Hazel said...

your sketching is artistic ;)

Aemy Shamy said...

Aww! My boyfriend never sent me a text message like that..that's so sweet! Hehe.
By the way, that dresses, are they from online shopping? They're cute. It's been a while I didn't do the clothes hunting via online. Heeee..

Miki Aya said...

Hazel :) Ha ha....I think I may need a pen and drawing pad for those *drawings*....using mouse made it looks like as if I am suffering from an anxiety disorder, or something....

Aemy :) That boyfriend of mine is a lil' something...Ha ha...and yeah, I did my shopping online for these dresses. I am just too lazy to walk up a steeper hill after my shopping at the city centre :) *it's very very hilly here*

Hazel said...

Freestyle would be ideal..u have artistic skills..hehe

Wency said...

i love ur dress! ^^ it makes me feel like wanna dress up right now.. ^^

simpodonvilla said...

dress toiton orohian ku mintong.. ;)

Miki Aya said...

Hazel :) Thanks! Ha ha....I don't really feel that way though x)

Wency :) You should! Cute dresses will bring more glow to your appearance :)

Elvin :) Alawa toi? Ha ha :)

simpodonvilla said...

alawa boh loh... :)