2 May 2011

Mismatched breakfast?

I've gained so much pounds after coming to the uk, that I've decided that I needed a drastic method to lose all those extra pounds by summer holiday.
So, I ate this combination of foods for my breakfast for almost everyday.

Do you think that there are too many foods here? Ha ha!

They say that we should;
Eat breakfast like a King,
Eat lunch like a Prince,
& Eat dinner like a Beggar.

Cherry tomatoes, eaten raw :)

Natural yogurt.

A bottle of green tea.

Bread sticks (2-3 pieces. Not the whole packet).


Marcela said...

uieee. hebat zal!!! nanti update hasil diet ko ni... berkesan ka? hehe :p

Miki Aya said...

hahaha... nti klu sy bejaya trun 5 kilo, satu dunia sy kestau ah marce :)