13 May 2011

I call this talent

Hiya all! My brother showed me a video of this one young lady in YouTube (I'm sure you know what a YouTube is, yeah?) So, I've got to say that her voice is not bad at all.

Check her out;

If only she has the right producer or something. You know, someone who can help her to create a music video with great audio quality. Well, I'm talking about people like Tyler Ward, and Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Psst; I have this crazy idea sometime....  I wanted to produce music for my friends SarahLysaReynolds and TiaraDryden, and upload their videos in youtube so that everybody could see them. Well, I could be a backup singer or something. Ha ha! Dream on....me. Anyway, I'll see if I could realize this dream of mine during my summer break.

Till' we meet again, cheers!


sarah lysa reynolds said...

hahha.. klu ada musician.. sy on seja.. meh kt start a band.hoho.ive been imagining myself singing in a band.haha.

Arms said...

Ya true, nice voice... not many gals sing like her, and her voice reminds me of Paramore.

Just wondering, you play the guitar?

Miki Aya said...

Winn: Nti sy kumpul2 talent ah. Girl, I'm excited to do this! We can even have all the sumandakz to do a dance routine in the videos, yeah?

Arms: I'm sad to say that I've tried and failed. On the bright side, I can pose like a guitar pro in photos! I wouldn't be able to sing like her, but I think I will make a good backup singer. Ha ha!

whywhy said...

Ow...that's steph..she n her other siblings can sing well..and she is an adorable girl too...definitely worth knowing ;)

Hey..dropping a comment for the first time :D

Miki Aya said...

Oh, hello whywhy :) Do you know her? I'm pretty sure if steph and her sister make videos together, they'll be a youtube hit :) they have both talent and look, isn't it?