27 Jan 2013


I'd really love to write a couple or so blog entries right now, but I've too much work, that I'm feeling guilty once I've started spending more time writing on my blog rather than writing on my thesis.
I'll be free in June. Hope to write more then. Take care everybody :)

6 Jan 2013

Traveling, and spending all my ££

I went for a couple of one week's vacation during the holiday, so I'm officially broke. However, I'd like to update on my traveled and dusted list.

1) Munich, Germany
2) Salzburg, Austria
3) Albstadt, Germany
4) Feldberg (Black Forest), Germany
5) Barcelona, Spain
6) Granada, Spain
7) Cordoba, Spain
8) Sevilla, Spain
9) Malaga, Spain

I'm happy to be able to travel to all these places while I still can, but I obviously have to face the aftermath.

1) Less time to study and do my research
2) Less money to shop

1 Jan 2013


It's a new year, so we may not know what's waiting ahead of us. I can't really wish all of you a "happy" new year, since regardless of anything, it's not possible of being happy throughout every seconds, days, weeks, or months on this new year. However, I can wish these;

May we all be treated nicely by the years ahead of us. May we survived each morning to see the smile of our loved ones. May we remember God all the time. May we learn how to be happy at little things that occur in our daily lives.

Peace :)