30 Mar 2011

Light up with some laughter :)

Creeps @@

I went to the library this morning and how glad I am to have gotten hold of these books for my Easter's reading. I need to do lots and lots of studying for my summer exam soon.

I don't think that I'll be able to read 5 thick books for my courses, but I think if they are these number of thin books, I might go through with my studies. Ha ha!

Anyway, I was heaving these books on my way back to my flat when I was approached by this strange man. It was annoying, since my bag is really heavy, I was walking uphill, and I wanted to get back to my room A.S.A.P.

I was bewildered, and kind of freaked out a little. I was afraid if he suddenly took out a knife from his pocket somewhere, and says, give me your bag or I'll cut you into tiny little pieces and turn you into my dog's food. Not that I think he'll be happy with my bag though. There are no cash, jewellery, almighty-expensive-luxurious gadgets, but only 8 books, a free Metro newspaper, a pencil case, and a half-filled water bottle.

Me: Sorry, I don't know you.
I turned to walk away, but...
He: Maybe you can have my number so you can get to know me.
Me: Maybe not. Sorry.
I really walked away, but, I can still hear him wailing.
I never looked back.

Brrrrrrrrr...I can still feel the chill running through my spine.

26 Mar 2011

Because I love to read

I really love to read, especially on Saturday, and Sunday mornings, after my morning jog. So, every time I went to visit a charity shop, I will stand for hours (OK, not really hours), in front of the books' rack.

However, I was not that lucky most of the time. Crime, thriller, and adventure are my favourite genres, but I find it really hard to choose a book when I saw many of them being grouped together. If only I have the money, I will definitely buy all of them, since one of my dreams is to have my very own library.

Here are some of the books that I've collected here in the UK;

There are few others, but I have donated them back to a charity shop. Mainly because my sense of humour is too low. The books were supposed to be funny, but I just couldn't bring myself to laugh. Instead, I felt like punching the main character in the face with my iron fist. Ha ha!

Cheers, love.

25 Mar 2011

When we hunt for charity shops

To most people, charity shops might be not even worth going to since in reality, they are actually second-hand shops. Inevitably, that is true. 

However, that does not mean that the things sold at these shops are not worth buying. This is especially true for their books, ornaments, clothes, and many other items since they are restored well, to a state that they are still very usable.

To those who have never seen a charity shop before, here are some photos for your viewing;

Cheers, love.

22 Mar 2011

Streaming much?

Do you like watching movies or TV series online? If you are someone like me who prefers to watch online rather than downloading, you might love this site; Fast Pass TV.

TV series that I follow in this site, includes;

There are more others that you can watch from this site. For instant, Black Swan, The Green Hornet, Tangled, and many more. If your internet connection is slow, then you'll definitely have to buffer the videos before watching, so you'll need some patience with you :).

Anyway, enjoy watching.
Cheers, love :)

21 Mar 2011

Picnic on Sunday :)

My friends came over yesterday, and now is staying at my senior's house. It is a lovely surprise, since I've never met these two friends since like forever (like, 5 years ago!). 

So, we went for a little picnic today. The weather was so nice, and sunny, that we can see people all over the place, just chilling, and enjoying the sun. 

It was fun, actually. I haven't spent much time under the sun lately, so I am glad that I've joined my friends for this picnic. :)

I've taken few photos of Ashton court. Here they are;

Cheers, love :)

19 Mar 2011

cough in harmony :)

I think, it's that time of the year again. Where everybody (almost everybody) are running sick with cold. I know this, not because I had my intense observation on people, but because there is always a choir of cough-harmony during the lecture. I could not make the tune of it, but it goes something like this;

......and it will continues......on and on......

Ha ha!
Cheers, love :)

Fuming. Really.

I truly believe that I am an innocent girl, who just wanted to read online comics in the peace and serenity of my small, and warm room. 

Okay, I admit that my room is not exactly that tidy. *Guilty*

Anyway, back to the main topic here. The lady living directly under my room is having a serious problem with her life (i think). She kept on banging on my floor. I could only imagine how did she do that.

It would be funny to see her like this, though.

I was really angry, that I can feel myself fuming, and hot steams coming out from my ears and nose. It was really hard for me to hold the urge to shout hysterically, and jump like crazy inside my room to get even with that lady.

However, realizing that it's the lent season, I've decided to sit still, count to 10, and relax. Don't sweat small stuff like this......is what I thought. The truth is, I was just too lazy to pick a fight at this hour, so I am letting her do what she like until she was tired of it. She'll stop.....eventually. Ha ha!

Okay! A pat on my shoulder for not being too childish, and get a revenge. :)

Cheers, love.