17 Mar 2011

mi imaginación running free

I've been listening to too much of Spanish song these days, that I think I am a Spanish. si, creo que soy un español. Muahahaa :)

Anyway, as I sat here in my room, I've unintentionally let my imagination running free.

I am intending to go out for a jog this evening, but considering the weather today, I was forced to think twice on my decision.

If I go out for a jog this evening, I will most likely run against the wind current.

I might be blown to a faraway land!

Or, I might come home frost-bitten. 

OK, maybe these are too extreme. Ha ha! Anyway, let us put it into an experiment. I'll update more, if I am not blown to some unknown land.

Cheers, love.


Anonymous said...

i can't wait for u to get back here. will request the spanish songsss from u. hahaha. (i love spanish because i think it sounds sexy and reminds me of summer. LOL)

Miki Aya said...

Si, si. I can't wait to go back too :) but, too bad my dear. I'm not downloading any of that spanish songs. I listen to them online :) Oh! Maybe you should check them out. I like RBD, and also Belinda :)