13 Mar 2011

Travelling by train

I've been travelling alone a lot by train. I love to read during the travel, but once in a while, I caught myself staring and observing at people in the train. They were amazing! I mean, literally.

Okay, here are the results of my intense observation;

1. Ladies doing their make-up inside the moving train. Putting on mascara, and eye-liner with one hand, while the other is holding a mirror, is super cool. I mean, how expert can you be? 

2. Men in suits, reading newspaper, while the guy next to them secretly reading it together. Some unsatisfied faces will be shown by the guy-next-to-the-men-in-suit when the men-in-suit flip the newspaper before they've finished reading.

3. Unexpected people did a public 'snot picking'. Where he picked his nose, roll the snot into a tiny ball, and stick it onto a wall. Ugh! Gross!

There are many others, but these are some that seems so vivid to me, even now. :) Anyway, these acts are not so appealing, so don't do them in public that often. Haha :)

Cheers, love.


Anonymous said...

the last part is gross. hahaha. so jal, be careful next time whenever u feel like leaning on the train! :D

Anonymous said...

i love doing the 1st part-syirus

Miki Aya said...

Rai: I was so grossed out, that I don't even hold onto the handhold for the escalator. ha ha :p

cRus: ko bermekap? bleh tahan! sy mo berguru la sikit ni. haha :p