19 Mar 2011

Fuming. Really.

I truly believe that I am an innocent girl, who just wanted to read online comics in the peace and serenity of my small, and warm room. 

Okay, I admit that my room is not exactly that tidy. *Guilty*

Anyway, back to the main topic here. The lady living directly under my room is having a serious problem with her life (i think). She kept on banging on my floor. I could only imagine how did she do that.

It would be funny to see her like this, though.

I was really angry, that I can feel myself fuming, and hot steams coming out from my ears and nose. It was really hard for me to hold the urge to shout hysterically, and jump like crazy inside my room to get even with that lady.

However, realizing that it's the lent season, I've decided to sit still, count to 10, and relax. Don't sweat small stuff like this......is what I thought. The truth is, I was just too lazy to pick a fight at this hour, so I am letting her do what she like until she was tired of it. She'll stop.....eventually. Ha ha!

Okay! A pat on my shoulder for not being too childish, and get a revenge. :)

Cheers, love.

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simpodonvilla said...

nokuro gia tulun id hilo soriba walai nu rii d? haha
obulih kasaih imaginasi nu kio...

oluas gia lo tmpat study nu...