15 Mar 2011

Dieting; List of do and don't (by Lauren White)

So, I was busy indulging myself in this lovely book, I've decided that I should share it to the world :)
I found it in a charity shop, and it cost me 1 pound! Sweet! (The actual price is 4.99 pounds.)

Anyway, let us get back to the real deal. Here are the yes and no for dieting;

Do wear vertical stripes.

Don't wear horizontal stripes.

(Me in horizontal stripes)

Do check your weight.

Don't do it in public.

Do put a lock on the refrigerator.

Don't throw away the key!

Do set goals.

Don't be ridiculous!

Do keep well-stocked cupboard.

Don't shop when you are hungry.

Hope these will help you to alleviate the pressure of losing some weight!
Cheers, love.

1 comment:

Neils Isaac J Wen said...

Hehehehe...funny. Tba2 kluar pla gmbr ko mka kna tutup pkai bunga..hahaha..tp nmpk ramping ja d gmbr pun.....LOL.