30 Mar 2011

Creeps @@

I went to the library this morning and how glad I am to have gotten hold of these books for my Easter's reading. I need to do lots and lots of studying for my summer exam soon.

I don't think that I'll be able to read 5 thick books for my courses, but I think if they are these number of thin books, I might go through with my studies. Ha ha!

Anyway, I was heaving these books on my way back to my flat when I was approached by this strange man. It was annoying, since my bag is really heavy, I was walking uphill, and I wanted to get back to my room A.S.A.P.

I was bewildered, and kind of freaked out a little. I was afraid if he suddenly took out a knife from his pocket somewhere, and says, give me your bag or I'll cut you into tiny little pieces and turn you into my dog's food. Not that I think he'll be happy with my bag though. There are no cash, jewellery, almighty-expensive-luxurious gadgets, but only 8 books, a free Metro newspaper, a pencil case, and a half-filled water bottle.

Me: Sorry, I don't know you.
I turned to walk away, but...
He: Maybe you can have my number so you can get to know me.
Me: Maybe not. Sorry.
I really walked away, but, I can still hear him wailing.
I never looked back.

Brrrrrrrrr...I can still feel the chill running through my spine.

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Unknown to BE Known said...

is safe in bristol .... chill i think i know this guy who you are talking about ....