22 Mar 2011

Streaming much?

Do you like watching movies or TV series online? If you are someone like me who prefers to watch online rather than downloading, you might love this site; Fast Pass TV.

TV series that I follow in this site, includes;

There are more others that you can watch from this site. For instant, Black Swan, The Green Hornet, Tangled, and many more. If your internet connection is slow, then you'll definitely have to buffer the videos before watching, so you'll need some patience with you :).

Anyway, enjoy watching.
Cheers, love :)

1 comment:

simpodonvilla said...

glee, how i met your mother,raising hope, house, american idol tu smua sy dowloand & tinguk, ada lagi kbanyakan dri season 1 sy download, tu american idol ja la x dri season 1.. :)