17 Mar 2011

Fake, er, assets :)

When fake breasts are mentioned, people in general will imagine bleach-blonde Playboy bunnies or wanna-be porno actresses. However, truth to be told, women who goes for this implants are normal women like you (if you think that you are a normal woman).

Some women did this to restore the breast that was lost due to breast cancer, some did to restore the wholeness of their bodies after mastectomy, and some just find that theirs' are not attractive enough, or not symmetrical enough, or anything in between.

They may not be authentic, but it helps some women to cope with their life, and to feel good about themselves. However, fake boobies can be really dangerous to certain animal.....err.....snake. *gasp*

Israeli glamour model Orbit Fox posing with a snake.

The snake in question was unable to hold it's urge to nibble on Fox's assets.

When Fox was rushed to the hospital for a tetanus jab, everybody has became totally unaware that actually, the snake is the true victim here. The snake died shortly due to silicon poisoning that came from Fox's prized possessions.

Cheers, love.

Photos taken from here, here, and here.


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