6 Jan 2013

Traveling, and spending all my ££

I went for a couple of one week's vacation during the holiday, so I'm officially broke. However, I'd like to update on my traveled and dusted list.

1) Munich, Germany
2) Salzburg, Austria
3) Albstadt, Germany
4) Feldberg (Black Forest), Germany
5) Barcelona, Spain
6) Granada, Spain
7) Cordoba, Spain
8) Sevilla, Spain
9) Malaga, Spain

I'm happy to be able to travel to all these places while I still can, but I obviously have to face the aftermath.

1) Less time to study and do my research
2) Less money to shop


Winnie Irene said...

itu ko punya aftermath kedengaran agak sandi. haha. tapi tiapa. yang penting ko suda travel d banyak tempat. !Hoho

Aemy Nadira said...

its so good to be u..i wanna travel more! ^^