6 May 2011


Many of the people that I knew are fans of Manchester United. How about you? What is your favourite football club?

If I am a male, and I am really good in football, I will choose to play for Manchester United.
I think that the football club's management are taking a really good care of their players in M.U.

I've visited their stadium, and seen that the facilities are in their best condition, and I bet that the pay is pretty outstanding as well (Oh, n btw, I love $$$$.Well, who doesn't?).

This is where legends were born.

The nice tour guide.

The field. Duh, obviously right? Everybody could see that.

The press room.

The directors' seats. It is known that these are the best seats in this stadium.

Players' lounge.

The I-don't-remember-the-name room. Ha ha! *sorry*

OT 100

The Mega Shop.

The museum.

The stadium from the outside. Not that attractive, yeah?

Anyway still, cheers!


wynda said...

wow..... envy of u^^ hehhehehe nway... adk sa mst jeles kalo sa suka MU... ^^

Miki Aya said...

hehe :) ngam2 xda bajet jg tu masa p bejalan2 sna... adik ko minat m.u ka pla?

wynda said...

:) ada 3 urg suma 2.. yg last ja minat MU.. tp sbb sa 1 urg ja powerpuffgurl... sa tatap kna kc ktwa kalo sa menyibuk ni^^ hehehhe