22 May 2011

GiveAway Pe-Patung "akuhanyasatu" : echaRierie

Know what's fun? 
:Figure that out yourself Winning cute stuffed-dolls from a give-away!

Click on it (Definitely, NOT a virus).

All you have to do:

#1) Follow echaRierie on her blog

#2) "Like" echaRierie on her fan-page in Facebook

#3) Write an entry with the title "GiveAway Pe-Patung "akuhanyasatu" : echaRierie"

#4) Post the banner above on your entry, and link it to echaRierie's give-away entry

#5) Tag another three or more bloggers for the give-away

#6) Leave your entry's link, and username as comments on echaRierie's give-away entry

.....and, you are done!

So, a friend of mine: Aemy tagged me  :)

........and now I'm tagging you, so that you have a fair share of winning the prize. x)

Cuties who deserve to be the winner;

I have a couple of stuffed-teddies, and I would love to add new ones into my collection. So, I'm hoping to get a BIG teddy, if I am going to win anything at all :) Ha ha!

I saw this at Sunway Pyramid few years back, and I've fell in love since :)

However, I think that others (Aemy Shamy, Tiara Dryden, Wynda Fred, and the names above) will be more worthy in winning a give-away such as echaRierie's compared to me. 

Right! All the best, lovelies :)


p/s: Assuming that you've read my previous entry, this entry is not listed as one of my crappy entries. Thank you. *Anyway, don't sweat the small stuffs, yeah?*


Melissa Gilbert said...

tq for tagging me love, but i think it's very complicated to follow..hahaha!!

Miki Aya said...

No worries there :)

Wency said...

cute teddy bear! unfortunately, im not into teddy bear!

Miki Aya said...

Too bad for that dear x(

...but, that's not a problem :) Everyone has their own preferences :)

Yours is just not teddies :)

Armstrong said...

Cool giveaway:)

You know when I saw the two teddy bears... it gives me an impression that the left bear wanted to be in the pic and that the white bear originally intended to take the picture alone. Wahahaa some imagination.

Well, some of my friends are joining so I hope you all have equal chances heehe... no more, no less ;D Savvy? haaha

simpodonvilla said...

gopuson maan dot bantal...

Miki Aya said...

Hey there Arms :) Yeah, it's pretty cool. Now that you've mentioned it, I feel like I can see what you mean by it :) Hm....the position of the teddies.....might be the cause of it, yeah? I'm not really hoping much, but thanks anyway :)

Elvin, o boh :) Gopuson ku tikid tuong :) Ha ha!

wynda said...

hehehhe.. ada nama sa^^ hahahhahah nda ba mandak^^

Miki Aya said...

Mesti bah :) kasi promote2 dlu ko spy ko dpt patung :)

echaRierie said...

Thank You for joining my GA..
sa appreciate sgt2..hehe
it's funny to read ur comment ~ haha..
btw, GoodLuck r..

Miki Aya said...

hey there echaRierie :)
no problem at all :)
I'm glad if you are amused...ha ha!
Anyway, thanks :)

sarah lysa reynolds said...

wah. teddy bear.. i want one too! P/s: hadiah befday pls! hoho