14 May 2011

Not exactly a dream

I remembered seeing a friend of mine singing a solo so passionately at the karaoke lounge, that I was moved to tears. What? Fine. I didn't really cried, so I clapped, like, hard and a lot. Then, I've gotten irritated by my own persistent claps, that I woke up from my beauty sleep. 

Wait a minute, it was only a dream? Duh!

However, the clap was a real deal.  Okay, not exactly a clap,
......But more like a.......I don't know.....

...but more persistently, and of course more annoyingly.
In a way, it was pretty much like what happened to me almost every saturday morning, but without the "peace-talk".

Just look what had it done to me:
I woke up too early!

BTW, is 7.30am early for you? It is too me, since today is freaking Saturday.

Cheers to weekend!


Arms said...

Mikiaya! wahahaa.

I am really curious about what song was that haaha.

And that was a door knock. Who woke you up on a Saturday LOL.

Cheers to weekend too!

Miki Aya said...

The culprits are.........*thunder, lightning, drum roll*.....the lady from flat below, and some unknown being from the lowest flat. God forgive them for they have no idea what they have done to me. Ha ha!