30 Apr 2011

Everybody loves to wear a hat

Wait a minute. Just, who is everybody?

Okay, I admit I don't know anything about fashion when everybody wear like these:

This is a new revolution! Doesn't mean that I'm going to start wearing a hat every time I'm attending a wedding or something. This is too huge of a responsibility for me to handle on my own. Ha ha!

These are some A-OK hats.......I think......
What do you think?

Few pretty faces here. I've got a feeling that these two ladies are related or something.

 I'm in the midst of figuring out the true nature of hat worn by the leftest girl in the picture.

 The lime green hat really catches my eyes.

 You have to give it to Kate's dad. Such.....what was the word again....spirit? Determination? Enthusiasm? Energy?

They look rather uninterested with the whole idea of royal wedding.

I still have my doubt on this black hat. It's not actually vertical, is it?

Not really sure with this one. Looks like a Latin dancer costume... No?

Disclaimer: I do not own all the photos above. They are courtesy of the BBC.(source)

Even my teddy knows how to rock a "hat" or two. Okay, maybe rock a "hat-not-so-hat" or two.

Anyway, Cheers!


Anonymous said...

i personally love the purple hat that you marked. and d one standing in front of the 'cute?' guy. hahahaha. (d pink hat with net)

wynda said...

olundus ngai ilo tupi^^
love the green 1 XD :D

wynda said...

..olundus ngai ilo tupi.. love the green hat:D hehe

Miki Aya said...

rai, not bad, yeah? haha... i think that they are pretty attractive too.

wynda, striking kan topi yg ijau tu :). satu kli tgk, trus trnampk :)