23 Apr 2011

Experiments, labs, reports, and everything in between

So I was thinking that maybe most of you have had at least an experience in doing experiment, and submitting a report for it. I do it every week here in my university, except during the holiday, of course, and I have a feeling that it's going to be more of that during my second year. 

Whew! Just the thought of having to do all the experiments on my own and submitting the results by midnight the next day made me shudder. They are my definition of hard work :).

Even though I've never missed any practical class during my first year, I am only a human, and there will be times when I've felt like the experiment went totally beyond my abilities (though I usually blame the equipments, and not me. Ha ha!)

At these times, I'll do what most people will do to survive in lab classes: Ask around for data, analyse, and forge the results! (Shhhhhhhhhhhh......)

Hey, don't give me that look. Ha ha! I am pretty sure that I am not in this shit alone :). Wait, don't tell me that you've never done it for at least once before. Well, I am going to stop doing this anyway, since I won't go anywhere with this.

I've read (or heard) from somewhere (or someone); There are no failed experiments, only experiments with unexpected results. So, when I'm in another "trouble", I'll stick with it. Ha ha!



tiara a. sophia dryden said...

oh, don't worry. forging is completely a NATURAL thing. hahahaha

Miki Aya said...

hahaha :) love u rai. I mean, for the fact that we are all in this together :)