27 Apr 2011

Good Habit I

Doing your dishes after you are done eating is a good habit.

However, some people (me included *sometime*) will be too lazy to do the dishes straight after meal, so the sink or the areas nearby (or the dining table, or the study desk, or your room) will be filled with unwashed dishes.
Ugh, not so sightly

You can do the washing together with a friend.

Note: If you are uberlazy to do the dishes, and nobody can save you from the disease any longer, hire a maid, for god sake, or install a dishwasher



tiara dryden said...

dishwasher please. haha. tp nti byk bil. hahahaha

Miki Aya said...

haha... mo gna letrik ka tu rai?

tiara dryden said...

yup. i think so sbb kan dia auto rinse, soap etc.

sarah lysa reynolds said...

cuci piring ar?? haha.. kn budak2 slalu dtg bekunjung d ruma.. pas mkn ja.. mesti kc tinggal seja knun piring2 d sinki. mcm sy mo tulis notis seja d sinki o suru cuci piring sndri.haha!

Miki Aya said...

assign guard d tepi sink la winn :) haha