28 Apr 2011

You knew that you won't listen anyway

Ever been in a situation where someone asked you for an advice but ending up arguing with you, saying that your advice is worthless (or something like that), and that his/her idea is better?
Don't you think that it is depressing?

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

You knew what you've wanted, but you just wanted someone to reinforce the idea into your brain. 
Bah! How depressing can you be?
If you are not going to listen to someone else's idea, don't ask for an advice at the first place.
You are just making things more complicated.

Anyway, still;


mellycha said...

zal..ur nuffnang ad is covering ur post...

Miki Aya said...

sy sdh buang. masih ada road block ka? ha ha

Tanak wagu said...

nice 1~