29 Apr 2011

Kate & Will's Wedding :)

It's the Royal Wedding, where millions of people (wherever they may be) had watched, and celebrated together. Here are some snippets of the wedding at the Westminster Abbey, London this morning.

Catherine Middleton departs for the Westminster Abbey

 Catherine's arrival at the Westminster Abbey.

 William's entrance.

 Catherine's entrance.

View from above.

 Will saying "I do".

Kate saying "I do".

 The holy matrimony vow.

 Will having a slight problem in putting on the wedding ring.

 Kate & Will exiting the church.

 Kate & Will depart for the Buckingham Palace in a horse carriage.

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos, and I did not attend the wedding at Westminster in flesh. These photos are courtesy of the BBC. (source)


simpodonvilla said...

kada kosusa prince harry still available..hahaha
minoi ko ih intong wedding diolo ka?

mellycha said...

adore the dress!!!!!!

Miki Aya said...

gaman, haro gia moi intong hino london....hiti oku iih suang bilik :)

kan mel :) i agree!