1 Apr 2011

Diamagnetic levitation.

Today, I'm going to write like a scientist. Bwahahahaha. 

Most people assumed that common materials such as fingers, diamonds, water, wood, plants, animals, and many others are non-magnetic but in fact, they are actually known better as:diamagnetic.

Have you ever heard of that term before? If it doesn't ring a bell, then, let me introduce you to "Mr. Diamagnetic". It is a descriptive term which indicates that a substance contains no unpaired electrons, and thus is not attracted to a magnetic field (repelled by magnetic field).

Okay, enough with the lame-o introduction. Here is the cool part. These diamagnetic materials are able to levitate when they were brought in close proximity to another material that produces magnetic fields.

Here are some examples of materials that were levitating in a magnetic field;

1. Levitating water droplet.

2. Levitating a strawberry.

3. Levitating a frog.

4. Levitating a grasshopper.


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