6 Apr 2011

really-tight-budget-but-I-don't-want-to-be-alone kind of travel

I took a bus from Bristol to Leeds last Monday. It was a GREAT mistake. Yeah. However, I have no choice here. I am in a really tight budget, but I don't want to spend my Easter's break all alone in my flat, baking cake, and reading on-line comics. Pathetic, huh? Trust me, I know.

Me: surfing the net

Another chocolate cake baked earlier.

Why would I say that it was a GREAT mistake? Well, Leeds is great, mind you, BUT, the trouble is.....the journey took me SIX freaking hours! I know, that it is the same distance as travelling from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan (in Sabah, Malaysia), but I still think that I should have taken the train instead (IF the train fare was not a freaking 70 pounds, that is equivalent to RM350).

At Colston Hall: Where I've waited for the bus to come

This bus was stopping at so many places. I mean, literally all the cities that we passed all the way from Bristol to Leeds; Birmingham International, Birmingham, Manchester, and etc. Since I've never been to Leeds before, when the bus finally stopped there, I was hesitating on getting off the bus. Thank God, that the bus was broken, and stopped there to wait for a replacement (my friend came to fetch me, so I knew that I am finally there), or else, I'll be off to Newcastle, and might end up sleeping on the roadside for the night.

Newcastle: Not a bad place, I think.

I'll be updating more soon. So, stay in one piece for the time being. :)

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