14 Apr 2011

My new obsession :)


Yeah, that is his name, the writer of the books that I've enjoyed so much, and will continue to enjoy them more throughout my life (I think). Up to date, I have read only three of his books, and they have proven worthy to one's eyes, thus I am currently trying to collect all of his other writings;

Jack West Jr. Novel Series
1. Five Greatest Warriors, The

2. Six Sacred Stones, The (ip)

3. Seven Ancient Wonders
{(ip & r), No self-owned picture available since this book was left back at my parents' house}

Scarecrow Novel Series
1. Hell Island

2. Scarecrow (ip)

3. Area 7 (ip)

4. Ice Station (ip & r) 

Stand Alone Novels
1. Hover Car Racer

2. Temple (ip & r)

3. Contest

ip - in possession
r - read

Looking at my list right now, there are still four books that I need to hunt, and devour. Ha ha ha! Anyway, if you enjoy reading as much as I do, and you saw these books on the rack, pick one up. I strongly recommend them! 

Cheers! :)

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