2 Apr 2011

....and so, I was alone.

I was bored today, so instead of spending the day alone in my room, I've decided to spend the rest of the day at the kitchen. So, I packed my laptop and headed to the kitchen. Well, for the record, the flat was all mine today :). Yay!

I was there, watching Easy A.

I chose to bake a chocolate cake today, just because I felt like doing so, and I did. It was my first time doing it on my own. Okay, it was my third time baking cake......the first time was during my secondary school (I was 14), the second time was on the 25th of March 2011, and this is my third time. Ha ha!

I don't have a big bowl, so I used a pot. Ha ha! Please don't judge me :)

I stirred the ingredients while watching Tarzan. :) 

I waited for my cake to bake while watching Russel Peters :), and that is my baked cake. Doesn't look that appealing, I know, but it was not burnt, mind you.

I've coated it with dark chocolate, and forgotten to take a photo until I've cut the cake.

Okay, my cake was not that pretty, but Anh (She's a Vietnamese friend who came to borrow my notes) told me that it is tasty. Ha ha! I'm secretly pleased, though I was suspecting that it was not entirely true. 

Anyway, here was the link to the recipe of my chocolate cake. :)

P/s; I hope to buy an oven for my parents' house during my summer holiday so I can polish my baking skill. Ha ha!

Cheers, love :)

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fab said...

choc cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luvvvvvvvvv it....post 2 kl plsssssssss......lol. quite free izit???? won't hv time 2 bake cake in med school.....sob3....finallyyyyyyyy i'm checking out ur blog.....lol....anyway, miss u loadsssss n GBU!!!!