27 Jun 2011

Weekend away

I was away at Swansea for a summer weekend away on the 18th of June. Well, it was not officially summer until the 21st of June, but, let's just call it summer, anyway.

I've told you about my summer lab skills boot camp, yeah? The practical won't end until 5pm every day, so I thought that I won't be going to Swansea that Friday. Praise the Lord, for Laura and Ben, who made everything possible. Jim came on Saturday morning to pick Yasmin and I up.

The journey from Bristol to Swansea was a pretty long one (about two and a half hours). I have planned to sleep during the journey, since it was so early, but Chris and Jim were just so chatty, that we ended up talking all the way to our destination.

There was a free time on Saturday afternoon, so, all of us have decided to attack the beach. It was very sunny that day, BUT, the wind was just too cold. Plus, the beach was just SO wide.

From the left: Ben, Noah, Yasmin, Ruva
How did I get this photo? I ran ahead of them, trying to beat Richard, but I soon gave up, turned to face them, and snapped a photo of them.

Ah! We met mr. Jellyfish. The hand belongs to Rachel.
Truth to be told, I don't think I've ever seen one before. Ha ha! Have you?

OK, we are supposed to build an ah-mah-zing sandcastle, but I don't think we are there yet. Don't be fooled by the photo. It was not warm at all that day.

I have always wanted to try this. Thanks Jeremy!
He was reluctant at first, saying that it depends on how fast are we going to bury him.

Ain't we fast? Well, I've got to say that teamwork is most likely to win. :)
He was supposed to be a mermaid with an 8-packs, but too bad, we were unable to get his full photo.

Beautiful sunset. I took my chance to snap this photo on the way to the hall for one of the sessions. 

Anyway, the weekend away as a whole was very interesting. I mean, everybody were just so friendly, we were very well fed, and, in a nutshell, every thing was just so amazing! I am really glad that I have made it.
The only bad thing about it was, I came home with a cold, and flu.

I wasn't meant to show you this, but I am just trying to prove my point. Ha ha!



tiara dryden said...

Ah,the jelly2. Yup,did met them last year while we were swimming. Er..sea-bathing. I can't swim that well. Hahaha.

Get well soon! :)

Armstrong said...

Awesome weekend ;) Seems like a far journey... that's the best thing about carpool with friends ;D Just chat all the way.

Mr Jellyfish! I've seen some before. Simple and dangerous haaha. And who is that one with the green skull? I am so curious of the behind of the mask haaha.

Cold and flu? Aww... but you're okay already, right? ;)

Aemy Shamy said...

Oh muffins! I wish you to get well sooner, dear..
By the way, the beach is nice..quite a long journey huh. That's a really cool summer camp you had. Though it's summer, but cool! Hehe. Regards to your friends. I love to see a bunch of happy people. :)

Wency said...

I was like, hmm..Swansea?? HOw did i never heard about this place? So I googled it! Shameful. I felt like a frog under a coconut shell..hhhahahaha

Miki Aya said...

Rai; I don't even know how to swim! ha ha!

Arms; Yeah, great carpooling :) Too bad, Yasmin wasn't feeling too well, so she didn't converse with us too actively. The person with the green skull mask is me. Ha ha. I'm just too self-concious of myself.... and the flu....i think, it was too attached to myself, that it won't leave me alone :)

Aemy; Thanks! Yeah, I love that too. A group of happy people is just what I need right now :)

Wen; Worry not love. I am not familiar myself to Swansea. So, it's common to google the place out :). You are not the only one under the shell :)

sweetandspicy said...

Nice pics! :) I hate jellyfish.. they sting and make your body itchy. > < and they're hard to see in the water.

That sand doesn't look like a castle for sure.. :P

are u in the same uni as Lato?

Miki Aya said...

S&S (that's the nickname for your nickname, hehe);

Well, yeah. I was in the same uni as Lato. However, she's graduated now.... so..... hehe.

I admit that the sandcastle is far from being a castle. More like a 'sand-hill' to me.

Thanks! I don't really like jellyfish too (I think). I was in such awe because it was my first time seeing it live. Hehe